Saturday, August 16, 2008

A New Pet and A Little Finish

Wow, I have not been blogging for such a long time! Well, I can't say that I have not been stitching all this time. But what I was stitching was either presents for my friends or something for exchanges and you know I can't show these pieces before they reach their new homes. Other than that I have been working on my own designs and need just a little more time to finish them all. But I think today I can show you one of them.
I used my own design to make a little birthday present for one of my new cross stitch friends. From the pictures you can easily see that I decided to continue the "Romantic" line started by "My Rose Garden" biscornu which so many people simply call "Romantic".
Ok, here is "My Rose Garden" Box:

I have never made cards before (but did my best ) and here is what I made:

If you are interested in buying any of my designs, send me an e-mail please.

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And here is our new pet... if you can call it a pet. It is already the second day in row a little herd of deer visit the back of our back yard. One buck is rather fearless, or I do not know what, he jumps over the fence and let us pet him and feed him - he loves our tomatoes so much! So now there is no time for stitching at all. We keep looking out the windows all the time, then go to meet our visitor, take pictures and movies of him. It is a lifetime experience! Can you imagine to pet a wild deer! He has so pretty eyes and his antlers are so velvet soft and warm, and his "shoes" are always shiny black... I try to add a short deer video so you can have a look at him.

Thank you for stopping by, special thank you for those who leave comments, you know how encouraging they are.
Happy stitching to everybody!


indystitch said...

What a beautiful gift for your friend!

I love the deer video - how rare and wonderful to be up close and personal with wildlife. We have a lot of deer around where I live, but I've never been able to actually feed or pet one!

Miss 376 said...

How lovely to have deer in the garden. The card and box are beautiful, I am sure they will be aprreciated

hohla said...

Beautiful casket! Gallant! And the nature!!!

Daffycat said...

That box for Marsha turned out perfect; so pretty! How awesome to have a friendly deer come visit! Surely he was raised by people to be so tame!

Nancy said...

Your Rose Garden box is lovely, and your friend is thrilled I am sure! Beautiful job!

Your "new pet" deer is very sweet. They have the most innocent faces and are so beautiful.

Pumpkin said...

What a gorgeous box you have stitched and made for your friend! I'm sure she's going to love it :o)

Oh wow! How friendly he is! I wish my doe would have come as close as that.

Cenoura said...

So, is a challenge and you must:
Nominate 7 friends of yours, who are: generous, spontaneous and funny (and with this you send them the challenge)
Then you must answer two questions:
Your biggest quality and your biggest defect.
Ah! I really like to have a farm to have a such nice pet like yours!!! I live in the city and a deer, just in the Zoo.

Margaret said...

What a wonderful box Marsha is a very lucky lady!

Sharon said...

Pretty finish!

Yuko said...

What a beautiful present for your friend!
Your stitching and finishing are always so beautiful!!
I'm sure your friend is thrilled!

What lovely visitors you had in your garden!
Deers are so beautiful and I love them!

Nicola said...

Oh what a very pretty box Olga!

All things beautiful said...

Lovely box and lucky Marsha :-) Did you buy the pattern or is it a freebie? I really like the colours. Great job :-)

flom said...

this box is beautiful!

Marie said...

your new pet is adorable.. but perhaps a little big ??
congratulations for this box, and card, you can be proud of yourself, they are both very nice.
And i have been looking at your last biscornu, they are really beautiful !

Carla said...

Beautiful box Olga!! And that deer is so sweet! Lucky you that you're able to pet a wild deer :)

Janaina said...

Superb stitching and finishing as usual, dear! =)
I so love the video! Your new friend is so cute!

Joei said...

Lovely finish for your friend.
Wow, what a wonderful and rare experience to be able to pet such a tame deer. Love the video, thanks for sharing!

Mas Gatos said...

I am the VERY lucky receipient of the beautiful box that Olga stitched for me. It was truly a surprise when I opened up the box. I just had a birthday, and I got the box on the same day. To say that I will treasure this for always is an understatement. I am just so thrilled with having such a beautiful gift made for me. In a time when most people are too busy to do anything by hand, to have received both the card and the gift that were handmade is just such a thrill.


Shay said...

Marsha told me about her present. She's so excited, and I can see why. It is magnificant. I loved the deer pictures. You work is absolutely lovely.

Mylene said...

That's a beautiful gifts for your friend. She is sure very lucky!
Thanks for sharing the deer pictures and video.

Carol said...

Beautiful finish! Love your deer :-) We get a few here too... I hate hunting season... :-(

Olga said...

I luv your new finish! its very pretty and what a wonderful gift, your friend is very lucky to recieve something so special :o) and your visiting pet is so georgous! what a wonderful experience!
luv from your friend olga in the UK.

Hazel said...

Awww that deer is sooo cute! Thanks for sharing. Love the gift you made too. xx

tkdchick said...

What a pretty piece!

Artystitches said...

Very cute! well done.

paulavicente.artfactu said...

Hi, this is a beautiful box. I loved the video, and off course your new "love". Is so cute! See you.