Sunday, October 5, 2008

HOE Exchanges and "Autumn Colors"

Today I want to show two pieces which I made for my HOE partners.

The pattern of the first piece is called "Welcome" by The Prairie Schooler, I finished it off as a floss holder+ pinkeep. The pinkeep is soft enough to use it as a pincushion so I also made counting needles to match the piece. The pattern reminded me of old times that is why I "aged" the fabric for an ancient look of the piece... But I do not think my parner liked what I sent her: she did not let me know when she got the package from me and I was worrying that it got lost.
Anyway, here are the pictures of that exchange:

As for me I like this multifunctional piece and will certainly make a couple of them for myself.

The pattern of the second piece called " Snap Happy Halloween" by Bentcreek was stitched for HOE Halloween Exchange. As my partner Joan likes pinkeeps I finished off the pattern into a pinkeep and also made counting needles in matching Halloween colors.

Here are some pictures of the Halloween exchange:

* * * * * *
I got some pleasant news from my new friend Lee Fun. She stitched my "Autumn Colors" Fob design and made it into... a needle book :-). She sent me some pictures of the finished piece - her finishing is so lovely! You can go visit her blog and see more nice pictures of the needle book and many other pretty things she makes. She will be delighted to see new friends on her blog. Lee Fun, thank you for sending me your lovely pictures!

I think next time I will show you the piece I am working on now. It will be something a little bigger than "smalls" :-).

Happy stitching to everyone! And Thank You to those who visited my blog and left a comment on my new design in the previous post.


Faby said...

Doesn't your design look really lovely as a needlebook too!!!
Well done for your exchange pieces too... As usual, they're beautifully finished. You're such a neat stitcher. As for your first partner, don't know whether she liked her floss holder or not, but it doesn't take liking something to say thank you... I would have found that a bit rude, if it'd happened to me... How disappointing.
Can't wait to see your next piece... !

Sally said...

Both of the exchange pieces you stitched are gorgeous. I love the floss holder/ pinkeep. I would have been very happy to receive that.

Jennifer said...

It's very rude not to let someone know a package was received, but I just can't imagine someone not liking that floss holder. It's just lovely!

Carla said...

Beautiful exchanges!!! I can't imagine your partner not liking the thread holder, it is gorgeous!!!!

Jill said...

I think your HoE prairie schooler exchange piece is wonderful! Doesn't that just frustrate you when they don't acknowledge receipt of your package? I am going through the same thing right now. It has been 3 weeks since I mailed on of my exchanges.

Pumpkin said...

Beautiful work as always Olga! I'm not sure why your partner would not like what you made her :o( You do such lovely pieces :o)

I can't wait to see what you have been designing!

All things beautiful said...

WOW! Nice work. I especially like the first exchange. That was really clever of you to come up with a 3-in-1 (the floss holder + pinkeep + pincushion). I would love to borrow your idea one of these days (can I?) when I've stitched up something suitable. And thank you too for your generous comments on the needlebook.**bush, blush, blush**

Angela said...

All of your stitching and finishing are stunning! I would have been very happy to receive either exchange.

Loreta said...

Your stitching and finishing is gorgeous! I like your style very much! Your works are amazing!

Olga said...

very beautiful stitching as always! your finishes are amazing! and Lee's stitching is also beautiful !! always enjoy your blog.
luv from olga. (uk)

Hazel said...

Gorgeous! x

Mas Gatos said...

Dear Olga, as always, your work is exquisite. I am so impressed that you have only been doing cross stitch for such a small amount of time, and yet you are designing such beautiful pieces.

As for that rude person who did not acknowledge the exchange, I would cross her off the exchange list! Or else, check with her to see if the gift was received. It is too bad that there are people who will ruin an exchange for everyone else by acting in bad faith.

I must tell you that I took the beautiful litte box that you made for my birthday with me to lunch the other day. A friend who lives in Brazil most of the year was in town. She is a graphic artist, and quite talented in making jewelry and purses and doing needlepoint. I showed her the box that you made, and she could not get over it. She loved the design. And then she went on to tell me how beautifully you had made the box. She remarked on things like - no sign of glue marks, and how elegantly the box fit together. Things that I would have taken in with my eye, but not thought about to separate out the components. She was very impressed.

I would love to get the new charts from you. And I am so enjoying seeing what others are doing with your designs. I think that is one of the marks of a great design, that others can take your design and go on to make it their own. In music, we would call that a riff.


Olenka's Stitches said...

I want to thank everybody for the comments and explain a couple of things.
I asked my partner to let me know when she got the package from me and I put down my e-mail in the card. She posted on her and the Exchange blogs but did not e-mail for me.That is why I say that she probably did not like what I sent for her. Anyway, I also think it never hurts to be polite especially with the person who was thinking of you and made something for you.
I buy premade boxes and then partially disassemble, treat them the way I like, then embellish them with stitched pieces, trims, etc.

Joei said...

Love everything you've made, well done.

Andrea said...

Beautiful exchanges. How can someone not like your floss holder/pinkeep it is lovely.

Carol said...

Sorry I have been so absent! Your exchanges are beautiful :-)

Gill said...

Well, I think your HOE piece is simply delightful! Both pieces are, in fact!

Barbara said...

I just found your blog & am in awe at your beautiful work. Believe me, I would have been thrilled to receive such a lovely exchange from you. It is stunning work.
Barb in TX