Saturday, August 29, 2009

My First Post From Russia

My dear friends and readers of my blog,
I want to thank you for the good wishes you sent to me and my mother. We both appreciate this. I promise to answer all e-mails I got from you in a couple of days.

Well, my trip was rather long, about 40 long hours, with three connection flights. One hour delay due to technical reasons was such "a sweet addition" to all the worries I had. The only entertainment I had during the trip was Mary Wigham's Sampler. Mary behaved very well, no frogs visited us! You can see the progress on the sampler a little below.
My mother is doing much better now, actually she already felt better when she learned that I was coming. :-) We had appointments with some doctors and changed her medications - all these brought some good results. I also want to thank my friends who gave me geat advice on taking care of elderly people.
It took me some time to get my laptop hooked up here. I have to share the Internet with my son that is why I can visit only 2-3 blogs a day.
On the stitching front:I made a birthday gift for one of my friends and colleagues. She visited my blog and among the designs she loved was "Hearts" Sewing Set. I bought a box for her and embellished its top with "Hearts" design which includes some specialty stitches and beads. ( If you do not like specialty stitches and beads, there is always an option to put simple crosses instead).
This design can also be made into an ornament.
If you are interested in buying my designs, please contact me. My e-mail is in my Profile.
* * * * *And here is my progress on M. Wigham's Sampler:I enjoy stitching it very much. And while I am here, so far from home and my stitching room this kind of stitching is just what I can do best. Cross stitch is not so popular in Russia. And though there are many cross stitch stores here they mostly sell charts of pictures and cross stitch kits with Aida.
Two years ago I bought a kit here and when my husband had to leave for home and I had to stay here for some more time to finish our paper work, I stitched this still life twice: the first picture went to my father - I never thought my father would like a cross stitch picture but he did! I stitched one more picture and my friend asked for it. It took me 15 days to stitch them both and every time I intended to present it to my husband but it never happened. Maybe one day I will stitch it again :-)) .I am very late with my TUSAL report - I am so sorry. Here is my new container for this important SAL:I also want to show some pictures which I took during walks in my native town:
This is one of the needlework exhibits in our History museum. I took some more pictures of cross stitch, crochet and needlework exhibits. But maybe it's better to show them in my next post.

The museum also has a rich collection of butterflies, crystals, animals and fish, etc.
Traditionally I finish the post with a flower picture. I took a picture of these wild flowers during a walk in the forest last Friday.

I wonder if you can guess which part of Russia I am from.
Happy stitching to everyone!


dianemi said...

Olenka, I am happy to hear that your mother is feeling better. I'm holding both of you in my thoughts. As for your stitching, everything is just stunning (as usual) and Mary Wigham... wow.

siesta said...

Оленька!! Рада видеть тебя в твоём блоге!!! Рада за твою мамочку!! Распрекрасная шкатулочка получилась, и квакерок продвинулся!! Нюхнула вместе с тобой российского воздуха и желаю тебе отдохнуть спокойно и приятно и поскорее вернуться домой уже без досадных приключений!!!

Malele said...

Bonjour Olga
j'aime beaucoup la boîte coeur superbe travail ! et belle broderie pour le tableau
je suis heureuses que ta maman aille mieux
Bon dimanche xxxx de malélé

Nancy said...

I wish you and your mother the best, and I hope she continues to feel better. Your Mary Wigham sampler is very beautiful, and so is your heart and the picture you stitched some time ago. Beautiful scenic pictures!

Casa Cuori Colori said...

Dear Olenka, I'm so happy to hear that your mother is going better! Your Mary Wigham stitching ist gorgeus!!! I wish you all the best for your mother and for you. Hugs, Claudia

Wendy said...

Glad to hear your mother is feeling better!!

Thanks for sharing these lovely pics of your town and your stitching looks wonderful!

hohla said...

Оленька! Как хорошо, что маме лучше!!! Сердечко ты придумала чудесное - очень !!!
И другие вышивки звамечательные!!! Семплер подрастает!!!
Очень рада тебя видеть, скучаю :)

Daffycat said...

So glad your mother is doing better!

Your MW is looking awesome! Well done!

I've finished the biscornu and will post pictures very soon!

Olga said...

Hi Olga, wonderful to hear from you and happy that your mum is doing better, wishing her a speedy recovery! ........your stitching as always is very impressive and i have enjoyed looking at your pictures. (hugs)
luv from olga. (uk)

Iêda Klein said...

Passei para ver suas lindas postagens e desejar uma feliz semana.

Natasha said...

Оленька! Мне весело! Сейчас мы с вами в одном городе! Осознала это по первой же фотографии; обрадовавшись, ни сколечко не удивилась: ваш Блог всегда доставлял удовольствие, притягивал элегантностью и красотой, и было ещё какое-то приятное чувство - теперь ставшее явным.
Пусть всё хорошее длится и преумножается, преобладая над всем остальным!

Mylene said...

Glad to hear your mother is doing better and continue to improve.

Progress on Mary Wigwam is looking beautiful and your stitched piece on aida looks gorgeou.

Great pictures of your town.

Olenka's Stitches said...

Как здорово!И почему мы раньше не встечались!? Вы на долго сюда?
Если хотите, напишите мне - адрес в 'Profile'.
Спасибо большое за Ваши теплые слова.
Удачи ВАм во всем!

Annie said...

Glad to hear your Mom is improving.

Your town looks so pretty, a nice tranquil place for stitching! MW is coming along nicely and I love the heart box.

Violette said...

Très heureuse aussi d'apprendre que ta maman va mieux !
Bravo pour ton Mary Wigham sampler, les couleurs sont bien choisies. Le coeur est très beau également.
Je tiens à te remercier pour tes visites fidèles sur mon blog et tes encouragements, cela me touche beaucoup...

Carolyn NC said...

Glad your mom is doing better. Stitching is beautiful - love the Hearts and MW!

Faby said...

Oh I am so pleased to hear that your mother is doing better! I wish you both all the best, Olga!
Lots of love xxx

Hazel said...

Glad to hear your mother is feeling better. Wow so much to comment on here! Your Mary Wigham is amazing!! Looks stunning. Mine hasn't really took off the ground yet so to speak. Only done a couple of motifs. Love the heart box you made. Beautiful. Love the Eliza's pinpillow pinkeep you made in the previous post too. Lovely pictures. Wow! xx

Lhassa said...

Ta boôte en forme de coeur me plait beaucoup !
Tes broderies sont superbes.

All things beautiful said...

So glad to hear your mum is recovering well.

Love your stitching as always and the heart-shaped box finish is no exception :-)

Jackie said...

Glad to hear about your holiday, and the beautiful works.

Brigitte said...

I hope your mother's health has even more improved since your post.
Your stitching is superbe!