Thursday, November 25, 2010

Gracious Era and more

Hello my dear friends and readers of my blog, thank you for being patient.
Again it has been a long time since my last post. You are probably tired of reading about my Internet problems and can you imagine how much tired, upset and angry I am because of these never ending problems? A couple of hours ago a cable technician left, they have not replaced the main cable as they had intended to and I am not sure if their "patch work" has fixed the problems. Well, I'd better  start writing  about my cross stitch finishes while the Internet is still working.
"Gracious Era" is finished and is waiting for the frame work now. 

I must say that I've made a few mistakes. You know, I stitched the piece during my trip to Russia and due to poor light on board the planes, in airports and hospitals I mixed up 4 colors, Dark Yellow - Yellow Orange which were used in the big windows on the left, and Pale Yellow - Cream in the cloud to the right from the tree. I noticed this when the picture was almost finished, it was not a great deal to restitch the places but I decided first to complete the picture and then to decide what to do with the mistake. With this kind of pictures it is better to look at them from a distance and when I did this I liked what I saw. My DH, my main critic, said that it is even better , more colors give some more depth to the picture.
One more little thing, I made the picture a little wider. Do you see two little women figures on the left? I kind of like them but they are so close to the edge that they would be covered by a mat.
While stitching faces, some clothes, horses I added some fractional stitches and instead of Back Stitches I mostly used Couching. The most enjoyable part for me was to "make these snowflakes" as I do not mind French Knots, that was something I was looking forward to while stitching the picture.
I have missed my favorite smalls so much that I first treated myself to a little needle book by Just Nan:

After this treat I continued working on my Girly Pincushions.
If you remember I promised to show you one. Well, I've made more than one, some of them will be presented to my friends for their birthdays and Christmas.
When making the pincushions I wanted to check if I still remember how to make roses. My mother taught me to make them years ago.
The last piece of this pretty vintage lace was used for one more round pincushion:
 I over-dyed the ribbon for the rose and made a strawberry scissor fob to match the pincushion.
One more set of pincushions:

I liked the two color scheme, it reminds me of bridal decorations.
I already do not remember who gave me a little vintage doily and said to throw it away if I did not like it. Well, to throw away is very simple, how about to give it a second life?  For the pincushion I used the fabric which can hardly be called traditional for this kind of craft.

Some vintage buttons were used for the pins to embellish the pincushion. I liked how the pincushion turned out and added one more strawberry which looks more girly.
And here is the last pincushion which I want to show to you. Isn't it funny? I have not finished it yet because I am still looking for a better fabric for it. If I do not find what I want, I will leave it as it is.
* * * * *
To thank my customers and followers of the blog for staying with me, I offer you a complimentary  design which is called "A Russian Motif, Autumn". It is in soft autumn colors and can be used for making different smalls of your choice. It would be nice if you send me pictures of your finished pieces.
The offer will last till November 25. In order to get the design, please e-mail me. My address is in my Profile.Happy Stitching to everyone!
Happy Thanksgiving!


Catswhiskers said...

Absolutely Stunning! Gosh it is so beautiful your cross stitch of Gracious Era.
I've been admiring it and the so tiny details added to the work. It is a master piece. Congratulations.
The pin cushions are a delight
I am emailing you regarding the Russian Motif Autumn
Happy Thanksgiving

Natasha said...

Милая такая Страничка получилась!
Смотрю-любуюсь! Вдохновляюсь красотой, твоим дизайнерством и вкусом, радуюсь идеям! Спасибо, Оленька!

gracie said...

Oh my, as usual you have made some beautiful pincushions. I have not yet started the one from the pattern I bought from you...have a few projects i must finish first. I will e-mail you for the complimentary pattern...
hugs to you my friend

Ellen said...

Wow, gorgeous pincushions and scissors fobs!

Congrats on finishing Gracious Era, it's awesome!

I am off to email you for the complimentary design. Thank you!


Sally said...

oh wow Gracious Era is stunning! Congratulations on a fantastic finish.

Your Just Nan finishes are beautiful and I love the pincushions!

hohla said...

Оля на связи! Ура!!! Очень нравится круглая игольница с розами, оформление кружевом - роскошное!!! И все вышивки красивые!!!

Annie said...

Gracious Era is just gorgeous! Love your individual touches, whether by design or mistake, makes no difference!

The pin cushions are so lovely and romantic. Your work is always so perfect!

Patty C. said...

Beautiful work -
"Gracious Era" is breathtaking - Lovely finish

Irlik said...

Мне очень все понравилось!Очень красиво!

chmurka said...

Beatiful, I can't find other words.

Adriana R. said...

Qué bellezas!!!
Me encantaron los alfileteros. Las aplicaciones parecen hechas en frivolité. Todo de una delicadéz única.
Me gustan mucho tus diseños.

Amarins said...

All your crossstitch is beautiful!

Carolyn NC said...

What a fantastic finish! And I love the pincushions. Your stitching is just lovely!

vEr0n!c@ said...

Gorgeous pincushions! Love your ribbon roses.

Nancy said...

Gracious Era is an amazing piece of needlework! I love the colors, and I can just feel the chill in the air. You did a beautiful job! Lovely needlebook and pincushions too! Enjoy your weekend.

Minet said...

Wow, I love your pincushions they are very beautifull!

Carol said...

Gracious Era is such a lovely, lovely finish--congratulations :)

Marylin /Poussy said...

very beautiful !
marylin france

Mylene said...

Gracious Era is simply beautiful. And WOW! those pincushions looks gorgeous!! Great job.

All things beautiful said...

Just love your girly pin cushions, especially the first 2 sets. Where in the world did you find that lovely ornate stand (for the first set)?

Olga said...

always amazing stithing olga, i just luv everything you have stitched and the pincushions are just amazing!
luv from olga. (uk)

Siobhan said...

Oh my goodness! Your designs are amazing--the pin cushions are just adorable and dainty and exquisite. I love your Gracious Era! I think sometimes mistakes in stitching turn out to make the pieces even better, in addition to adding a bit of yourself to it!

Sharon said...

Gracious Era looks awesome! Congrats on such a great finish. Your pincushions and fobs are just gorgeous. Such a delight to see!

Corina said...

Wow, you make gorgeous stuff! I love your embroidery, but your pincushions are fantastic too.

Wendy said...

gracious era looks great, I would not be able to tell that you had made a mistake !
and, now it is even more `you ` , personalized !

love the roses, how do you make then ?
perhaps an idea to do a tutorial ?

hope your internet problems are sorted out real soon, I can just immagine how irritating that must be !

Pumpkin said...

Olga, your talent continues to inspire me! Your pincushions are gorgeous!!!! Where did you get the stand for the first one?

Gracious Era is stunning! Congrats on your finish :o)

Drat, I'm sorry I missed the freebie :o(

acereta said...

Эти подушечки для иголок просто фантастически красивые и креативные, восторг...

Felicity said...

As ever, beautiful stitching!

Lhassa said...

Tes pelotes sont sublimes, quel beau travail, bravo !