Sunday, September 14, 2008

"Autumn Colors"

We survived one more hurricane! I wonder how many more we are going to have this year?
After the first hurricane my friends asked what hurricanes look like. Well, it's better to see one to understand how terrible they are. This time I took some hurricane pictures and some short movies. But I only remember about the camera when the worst was over, still you can get the impression of this natural disarster. In the picture you can see what the lawn looks like during the hurricane: limbs, big and small, are everywhere!
In the video can can see how much the trees swing, how fast the clouds are and you can hear the noise of the wind. The strongest wind we had this time was 60 miles per hour, in the video it is already not so strong.

Have you ever seen Hurricane Lilies? They are also called Spider Lilies. I have wanted to get them for such a long time and last year I found some bulbs. I was also told that the bulbs are easily shocked and they will not bloom next season. Luckily after the hurricane among all the debris.... I found about two dozens of these stunning blossoms!

While we were waiting for the previous hurricane I was drawing a design which later got the name of "Autumn Colors". The idea of the design was to show that even a grey rainy stormy day in autumn is gorgeous! While I was working on the design I was recallecting poems by a great Russian poet A. Pushkin, he wrote so much about his favorite season .... "унылая пора, очей очарованье " - It is a sad season but pleasant for the eyes. (The translation is mine and I am not a poet).
Yesterday I finished stitching the pattern and at first wanted to make it into a biscornu. Then I thought why a biscornu again! The design looks better if to make it into a pin cushion or a pin keep. Here are the pictures of the pin cushion with funny tassels on the corners .

I also made a design for a scissor fob in two versions ( one has lots of specialty stitches and the other is its simplified version in full crosses with just a few specialty stitches ) to accompany the pin cushion. Next post I will show you pictures of the fob.
If you are interested in buying any of my designs, send me an e-mail, please. My e-mail address is in my profile.
Thank you for stopping by and happy stitching to everybody!


Irene said...

Wonderful pincushion.

gazette94 said...

Very impressive vidéo, how scaring a huricaine must be ! I love your pincushion, you translate perfectly the magic of Autumn colors ! I whish i could have your skill for stitching so well , but i can try.. :)

Yuko said...

Hi Olga,
Your stitching and finishing is always so perfect!
This pin cushion is very beautiful!!

flom said...

your pincushion is so beautifull !
This hurricane was impressive! fortunately, you are well !!

C in DC said...

Gorgeous! Will you share the pattern?

Olga said...

go glad that you are safe from the huricaine, what a scarey experience it must have been! ...luv your pin cushion, the finishing is amazing as always, the pattern is sooooooooo pretty!!! ... is the pattern something you designed?
luv from olga. (uk)

Adriana R. said...

Muy Bonito y delicado!!
Tienes un REGALO en mi blog:

Carla said...

I'm so glad you're ok :)
Your new design is beautiful... love thos little acorns !

All things beautiful said...

You are truly one incredible lady! It's a lovely design. You are talented. Thanks for sharing on Hurricane Ike. It's reported over this side of the world but listening & looking at your video clip gave me quite an experience - rather frightening. Hope everyone and everything's safe.

hohla said...

Чудесные краски осени!!! Очень нравится вышитая подушечка!!!

Cenoura said...

I'm glad you're ok!
Really, you don't need my cats assistance to make such beautiful things...!!!
LOVELY pincushion!

Sally said...

Your pincushion is beautiful:)

Those lillies are so pretty. Such a rich colour.

Pumpkin said...

I'm SO happy to hear that you are all well. We are very lucky to live where we do. I can't imagine having to go through something like that :o(

Those flowers are AMAZING!

Olga, you are SO talented! That is a beautiful pin cushion :o) I love it!

Bhooma said...

Hi Olga,

I was wondering how you were doing during the hurricane. Glad to note that you are doing OK. Your picushion is lovely.

Ana Ruggeri said...

Hi, Olenka, i read your comment in my blog, i'll try to put a translator on it. Kisses

Ana Ruggeri said...

I. love you blog, is very preety.

Nina said...

Lovely cute pincushion!!

Susimac said...

I love this wee pillow its gorgeous.

Faby said...

Olga, what a lovely new design!!! It's very pretty indeed! I love all your speciality stitches ;)
I'm really glad that this second Hurricane is over for you. You must be so fed up with them...
Take care XXX

Margaret said...

So pleased you are safe
That acorn pincushion is a sweetie