Wednesday, September 3, 2008

My Favorite Month

I want to thank all my stitching friends who worried about us, sent me e-mails wishing good luck on that terrible hurricane Gustav. Everything is fine here. Weather people were wrong again: the hurricane hit to the south from us, you might have heard of the hurracane damages from the news.
* * * * *
I do not know which is your favorite month but mine is August, probably because my son was born in this month. I also had two anniversaries last month. First - it was exactly two years since I started to cross stitch, never thought I would ever get this kind of hobby! And it was so hard for me to start it in a new country, with neither stitching friends nor my mother by my side ( my mother can do everything!). If you want to know why and how I started cross stitch, I will tell you about it in another post, it will be a humorous story.

Another anniversary is .... half a year to my blog! It's hard to believe! Time really flies! On a fine August evening I invited my husband to have an excursion on my blog. After looking through all the posts (mostly pictures), he said he was impressed. And soon I got all these as his present for my anniversaries. I love my new "toys"!

I 've got a pleasant surprise from Cathey , Pumpkin Patch & Co., who passed Brillante Weblog award to me. I 've found Cathey's blog recently and enjoy reading it and looking at the pictures of her beautiful works. As I already have this award, I will add her name to the list of stitchers who nominated me for this award.
And one more award from two wonderful stitchers Holly and Olga, UK. If you have not been to their blogs yet, go now! Look at the picture alboms of their works and you will see that it is they who have deserved all the Blog awards. It is a great honor to be nominated by them. Thank you ladies!
The rules of this award are:
1. The winner can put the logo on his/her blog.
2. Link the person you received your award from.
3. Nominate at least 7 other blogs.
4. Put links of those blogs on yours.
5. Leave a message on the blogs of those you have nominated.

Well, and the award goes to.... On the right side I have "Blogs I love" and I think it will be fair if this award goes to all stitchers who are in this list. My heartest congratulations to all of you!

One more stitcher, Bhooma, sent me an e-mail with the picture of "My Rose Garden" Biscornu which she has finished recently. Thank you Bhooma, it is so nice of you . Your biscornu is so bright, I am happy to hear you enjoyed stitching it.

And one more picture for today. In the previous post I told you that I was working on a birthday present. I could not tell you the name because it was a birthday present for my husband. For a long time he has been asking me to stitch him a dragon and the most beautiful dragon designs which I know of are designs by Teresa Wentzler. This is what I stitched up for my husband:

It is "Stretch", the Magic Dragon. And some more detail ( you can see tweeding and fracture crosses in these pictures):

Next time I will show you pictures of what I will make "Stretch" into.
Thank you for stopping by and leaving comments. I love to read your comments!
Happy stitching!


hohla said...

Оль! Поздравляю с наградами!!!
И какой же замечательный дракончик получился!!! И бискорню!!! :)

Sally said...

I love your Stretch the dragon. I have often wondered what he'd be like stitched up and now I know!

So pleased Gustav missed you but I'm sorry for the areas it hit.

Faby said...

Oh, congratulations Olga, and thank you for passing your award onto your favourite blogs!!! I totally agree with you: it's a much better way of going about it.
I love your stitched dragon - well done - your husband must be very pleased! Take care XXX
PS: very glad to hear that you weren't hit by the hurricane!

Nancy said...

Happy Anniversaries to you! You received some very nice toys! I hope you do share the story of how you started cross stitching. And, the dragon you stitched is beautiful! Your husband must be very pleased.

Miss 376 said...

What beautiful stitching and congratulations on all the anniversaries

Nataliya said...

Оля, рада, что непогода обошла вас стороной! Немного устаю, пока в привычный ритм войду,обязательно отвечу на письмо!
Какие у тебя замечательные "игрушки"! И бискорнюшку твою шьют - тоже радость. Дракончик - оёйёй! Как я не люблю смешанные цвета, но как же смотрится такая вышивка!

Pumpkin said...

You've only been stitching for TWO years???? WOW! You are an amazing woman Olga :o)

I LOVE the treats that your DH bought you. He must be very special indeed :o) No wonder you stitched such a special dragon for him. Is it 1/1????

Joei said...

Lovely stitching. Congratulations on your anniversaries and awards.

Carol said...

I am so glad that Gustav was relatively kind to you! {{{HUGS}}}

Janaina said...

jqrlmuCongrats, Olga! Both for the blog anniversary (what a lovely husband you have! Look at all those gifts!I bet you will make art pieces from them!)and for the finishing. I know that dragn almost drove you crazy, but I think it worths...Look at it! Its so colorful... Well done!
Glad to know you and all yours are ok at there. That naughty Gustav... =(

♥PXLaura♥ said...

Olenka, sorry about my english because is very elemental (like Tarzan).
I discovered your blog and your jobs and I love it!!!!
Your jobs are legant, beautiful, great!!!!
I like very very much your blog.
I`ll visit you...
(your "toys" are lovely!) in my country does`t exist this things :(
Laura, from Argentina.

Dani - tkdchick said...

Stretch is just gorgeous!!!!

Mylene said...

Congratulations on the awards and anniversaries, Olga!!!

The dragon you stitched for DH looks great!!

Olga said...

hi olga, so glad that you are ok and out of harms way from the hurricaine...congratulations to Bhooma stitching your wonderful biscornu, soooooooo pretty !!! and what lovely gifts you have received :o) ...and your dragon is georgous !!!!!!!!! luv the colours too ! im sure hubby will be so pleased with his gift :o)
luv from olga (uk).

Nelapx said...

varios... gracias por sus buenos deseos de que me recupere...
feliz aniversario, amo su jardin es hermoso...felicidades