Sunday, July 12, 2009

"Strawberries, Queens Of Berries" Breadcover and More

Today I'd like to show you some more "Strawberries, Queens Of Berries" designs.
I promissed to show some new finishes for me. They are not new for you, many of you like to stitch these things and some of you are stitching them now.
I made a"Strawberries, Queens Of Berries" Kitchen Set which includes a jar cover, towel and breadcover.
For a long time I've wanted to make a jam jar cover. I remember my grandmother's jars looked so lovely with the white caps on them. My jar cover is a little more complicated than my grandmother's but I used almost the same kind of cord to wrap around the jar neck. :-)

Last year I bought several grab bags and in one of them there was a Charles Craft towel. I can't say that I was happy to see the towel in the grab bag and was thinking how to get rid of it.
The towel a year later:

Well, I love it now!
You can go to Yoyo blog and see her towel with my design. For stitching the tendrils she used Whipped Backstitch which made the tendrils look so real!
And one more piece in "Strawberries" Kitchen Set - a Breadcover. I made designs for two opposite corners:

It took a little longer to stitch and finish the towel and the breadcover because they must have a neat back and must able to withstand multiple washing.
The back is not perfect but very close to it. If you want to see a perfect back, you must go to blogs of Brazilian girls, they are so good at stitching towels!
Now I am working on "Strawberries" design for Charles Craft Huck Towels - the idea of which belongs to Yoyo. "Strawberries" Biscornu will go next.
If you are interested in buying any of my designs, please contact me.
My e-mail is in my Profile.
I stitched a little more on Mary Wigham's sampler. It is my car project and the sampler goes with me wherever we go. Everything I need for stitching is in this basket. In the picture you can also see my palette for the sampler.
I wanted very much to keep White in my Palette, I like White on White but it did not show up on my fabric. I frogged the white motif and restitched it in Antique Mauve, now I am quite happy with the substitution.Some pictures of Lilies, they are blooming in my garden now.
I want to thank everyone who left comments on the previous post.
Special, huge thank you to my friends for their support and understanding. Hugs,
Olenka's Stitches


Nataliya said...

королева, ага, однозначно, Оленька! Какие чудные у тебя ягоды получились, весь комплект - просто загляденье! Я и не знала, что ты тоже вышиваешь M.W. Здорово. Да, к сожалению, совсем без замены не получается. Со светлыми цветами (белый, экрю) у меня всё в порядке. А вот с яркими жёлтыми я так и не смогла смириться. Пришлось менять. Удачного тебе и лёгкого продолжения!
Цветы - потрясающие...ещё одно вдохновение, для новых дизайнов :о)

Patti said...

Well you too found out. White on white does not work at all. I have tried it before and it just doesn't. I love how much you have done on MW and I really love your little thread keeper - it is just gorgeous. I also love anything with strawberries on it so well done. Unfortunately right now I am looking wildly for an autumn pattern and just can't find anything I like. Never mind I will soon. Lots of love Patti xxx

Nancy said...

Don't you love strawberries? They taste so good, and I think they are very beautiful too. Your Mary Wigham sampler is looking very nice.

Your lilies are absolutely gorgeous!

Olga said...

always stunning work! and a fantastic designer too! i look froward to your new biscornu :o)
luv from olga (uk)

Dovilė said...

so sweet:)
enjoy stitching Mary Wigham sampler:)

Carolyn NC said...

Strawberries are perfect - love the trio! Your MW colors are beautiful - nice work. Flowers are beautiful!

5footrunt said...

That's really some nice stitching. I love the jar cover. Very delicate. Flowers look great. Aren't they such a nice blessing.

siesta said...

Замечательные клубнички! Ну просто за-ме-ча-тель-ны-е!!!! И M.W. движется! Отлично!

hohla said...

Оль! Клубничная серия - супер! Оформление с клеточкой и льняной тесемочкой - шик! Очень нравится!!! Браво!

Семплер , хорошо шьется? Вижу замены :)

Sally said...

Your Mary Wigham is looking lovely Olga. I've downloaded it for the future:)

Faby said...

This design is absolutely beautiful, and I love your idea to turn it into a kitchen collection! It all looks so wonderful! Well done, Olga. Have a lovely day XXX

Maren said...

I love the pictures of your garden. Every time I get homesick, I just come to your blog and look at all the flowers blooming around your house. Your MW is just lovely, and feel free to come to my house anytime and put strawberries all over my kitchen! LOL

Hazel said...

You do such lovely designs Olga. I am currently doing your wisteria biscornu for my dd's teacher. I am sure she will love it esp if I fill it with lavender. Love your MW too and like the mauve colour instead of the white. xx

Carla said...

What a beautiful set!!
Your MW sampler looks great!!

Dani - tkdchick said...

Olenka, as usual your designs and finishing is beautiful!

Your wip is lovely!

dany said...

Comme c'est joli !
Je t'embrasse et te souhaite une belle journée

Cindy F. said...

Beautiful strawberry finishes!!
The jar cover is adorable with the gingham fabric too!
and beautiful progress on Mary too!!

Pumpkin said...

I love the items you have added to your strawberry line :o) Very nicely done.

Your flowers are beautiful!

Malele said...

j'aime beaucoup le set avec les fraises le couvre pot est très beau
et quelles fleurs magnifiques dans ton jardin !
Bonne journée et bises de Malélé

Joei said...

Your Mary W is coming along nicely. Great finishes as well, they all look very pretty.

Carla said...

As everything you stitch, your strawberries kitchen set is amazingly delicate. It is so beautiful! The jar cover is a nice present to give to those who appears to has everything. You just cook a nice jam, put it into a jar and complete it with such a nice cover and a lovely card. It is a fine gift to anyone. In fact, I made something like this, last year, for Christmas, to my terapist.

You are really correct, brazilian girls love to stitch towels. hehehe! Lia stitched some, in blackwork, that are amazing. I have some stitched too, they are beautiful, but I don't know why, I just don't want to take photos of them and exhibit them in my blog. I think I am a bit strange.

I went to Yoyo and saw your creations stitched by her. You are such an artist! And she is a very nice stitcher.

Your sampler is going just nice! I love malve, so... well, your substitution also let me quite happy about it. hahahaha!

Your lillies are adorable and end very well such a nice post. Congrats, darling.