Monday, March 15, 2010

Lucky Shamrock Biscornu and more

It's been awhile (again) since my last post... Thank you for still staying with me. I really appreciate your understanding and your patience. I am still getting lots of questions about my mother's state. I am happy to say she is much better now, she can't walk yet but she is exercising hard to strengthen her legs to be able to walk again. We've made lots of changes in our home so as mother can roll her wheel-chair everywhere and can reach the things she needs from the chair. Our biggest remodeling was in the bathroom, we had to widen the doorway and to install a bath tub with a door in it.
I was already back home when this project was finished, my son sent me some pictures to have a look at the new bathroom.
My journey back home was the worst I've ever had - I got a bad food poisoning and still feel not very well. The air fares are rocketing up and the service - down...
Well, on the stitching front... :-)
In Russia I saw an interesting TV show about Ireland and got an idea of designing Shamrock biscornu, "Lucky Shamrock" Biscornu - everybody needs luck nowadays!

While creating the biscornu I also took the inspiration from my old and very attractive plant - Oxalis Triangularis - a "relative " of Shamrock.
I continued working on "Snowflakes" Collection and added 4 more "smalls" to it. These "Snowflakes are a little brighter - spring is already in the air! and just a few beads add some glitter to them. Here is "Snowflakes" Biscornu:
My friend Natasha and I looked for old big wood spools in all the cross stitch stores, and we asked all our friends to help us in our search but with no results unfortunately. Natasha, I made this scissor stand from the spool that I bought in Hobby Lobby:

Next goes "Snowflakes" Tape Measure Cover:

"Snowflakes" Ornament finishes the collection:
"Snowflakes" Sewing Set:

If you are interested in buying my designs, please contact me. My e-mail is in my Profile.

I also want to introduce you to my cross stitch assistant, this is my Man'ka, turning 20 this spring. Of course, she is a member of our family but she is sure she is the head of it. Man'ka was stealing my stitching chair all the time!
When mother got better and I could leave home for a couple of hours my friends took me out, to some exhibitions, shopping and just for walks. Sveta and Natasha, Irina, Al'bina and Nina thank you for your support, your friendly "shoulders", which pushed me to life.
Thanks to you I saw the most beautiful ice sculptures. Our city hosted an International Ice Figure Contest. In the picture you can see artists at work:
In the Art gallery there was an antique exhibition from private collections. This fabulous picture is made of semi-precious stone tiles.
We were allowed to look inside the storage room and there we saw this huge Matryoshka, isn't it pretty!
Thank you for visiting my blog, your comments are always treasured.
Happy stitching and take care!


hohla said...

Оленька! Ура! Я уже соскучилась по твоим вышивкам!!! Бискорню с кислицей - прелесть!!!

Annie said...

So glad to see you back and nice to hear about all of your Mom's progress. You are a good daughter! Love the photos, especially of the ice sculpture and dolls.

The new designs are quite beautiful. You've been a buy lady.

Nancy said...

Your Shamrock biscournu is gorgeous! I love the little flowers with the green shamrocks.

Your friends gave you a lovely outing with so many interesting sites. I'm sure it felt good to get out and about.

Glad your mother is getting better, and I hope you feel better soon.

Your kitty is beautiful!

Faby said...

How lovely to hear from you again, Olga, and to hear that your Mum is getting better.
Your new designs are really lovely! You must be so pleased with them!!
Take care,
Faby XX

Carol said...

Hi Olga. I love your designs. Your Snowflakes sewing set is gorgeous! Please visit my blog, I have an award there waiting for you. :o)

Natasha-ND said...

Оленька, как же долго тебя не было! От всей души желаю твоей мамочке как можно быстрее поправиться! Работы твои прекрасны - мне нравится этот нежный стиль!

staci said...

Glad to hear that your mom is improving...sounds like you have a lot going on!

Love the Shamrock biscornu, it's so pretty. And your snowflake set is gorgeous too!!!

Adriana R. said...

Siempre estoy maravillada con tus creaciones.
Me gustò muchisimo este diseño.
Muchos cariños.

Jules said...

I absolutely love your Lucky Shamrock biscornu and the pictures of the Ice Sculpture!

Irene said...

Glad to hear your Mom is doing better. The shamrock and snowflake set are gorgeous.

Michelle said...

Glad to hear your Mom is improving.

Thank you for an interesting post!
The shamrock biscornu is pretty. I absolutely love the Snowflake sewing set - the pink makes the blue come to life.

That pic done in semi precious stone tiles is amazing - I wonder how long it took to create - stunning!

Siobhan said...

Your new designs are wonderful. I love the shamrock biscornu! I enjoyed your photos, too. Best of luck for your mom's progress--I hope she continues to improve.

gazette94 said...

Hello dear Olga !

It is allways a pleasure to visit your blog; so much pretty things to look at !
I am glad to read about your mother state. The shamrocks biscornu is just gorgeous ..

Mylene said...

So pleased to hear your Mum is improving.
So sorry to hear about the food poisoning, i had experience that before and it was very scary!
Love your new designs. Great job!!

Pumpkin said...

AMAZING! You never fail to impress with your new ideas for patterns Olga :o)

I'm glad to hear that your mother is doing well but I do hope that you start to feel better soon.

malele said...

Toujours des merveilles à chaque visite !bonne fin de semaine et bises de malélé

Michelle said...

Olga, please visit my blog to accept an award!

Reyes "El telar de mi abuela". said...

Qué detalles tan bonitos!!!
Me fascinan.

Brigitte said...

It's great to see you back and to hear about your mother getting better. I hope you feel much better very soon.
You've created some very nice new designs.

Natasha said...

Нежно всё, и очень красиво!
Спасибо тебе, Оленька!
Благодарю за дружелюбие и благородство в дружбе!
Всем улучшениям для мамы твоей - рада!

Dani - tkdchick said...

As usual your designs are just gorgeous! You're a great daughter to be helping your Mom out like that! I'm sure she really appreciates it!

Felicity said...

Welcome back to blogging. I hope you settle soon. Thanks for taking time to visit my blog in the last year. I have entered you in my draw for a blog anniversary prize.

olga said...

glad to hear that your mum is doing better.....and as always your work is so inspirational! and luv the Matryoshka doll too! :o)
luv from olga. (uk)

Violette said...

Olga, va voir sur mon blog, tu es à l'honneur aujourd'hui ! Bravo encore pour tes jolies créations.

Jules said...

Check out my blog for a bit of sunshine I am passing along to you.