Wednesday, March 31, 2010

"Spring" Pinkeep and more

Hello everyone! Today I'd like to show you my new designs which I gave a very simple name "Spring". The story of the design is simple too. For a new project I needed a pincushion which I wanted to put inside the wood box to keep the threaded needles safe, organized and ready for work. Not a bad idea, isn't it? But when I finished stitching the design I did not want to hide it inside the box and made it into a pinkeep, then followed a Berlingot and a Scissor fob. Now I'd like to present you "Spring" sewing set:

Here is "Spring" Pinkeep:
Its pattern can also be finished into a pincushion or an ornament or a framed picture.
"Spring" Berlingot:

I wanted to make a berlingot a long time ago but I did not like the look of its back, I tried to sew it up in a new way and like the back much better now:
"Spring" Scissor Fob finishes the set now but some more designs from this collection will follow:
If you are interested in buying any of my designs, please contact me. My e-mail is in my Profile.
Last November I joined Christmas SAL which was initiated and organized by Yoyo . I liked the idea to stitch something from the stash and set myself a task to finish "Gracious Era" from Dimensions by December this year. I started stitching it in January and this is where I am now:
I must also report on another SAL organized by Yoyo - TUSAL:
My box is almost empty, it's not because I stitched so little. It is because I gave my snippets to wrens who are building nests now. They are so hard working birds and I love to watch them!
Since I posted last I have been awarded Beautiful Blogger Award by
Carol , Michelle, Jules (Julie) and Sunshine Award by Jules (Julie)again. Thank you very much dear ladies, it's a great honor to get awards from you. As I got 4 awards I can nominate about 50 bloggers, right? It's not hard to do. On the right hand side I have a list of my favorite Blogs and I am passing the awards to all of you - you have deserved it! Your blogs are a great course of inspiration for me.
And to finish this post I've got some pictures from my garden.
Firstly, I wanted to show you a picture of a four-petal shamrock. I noticed it while weeding a flower bed. Does this mean that I am lucky or that I must weed my flower beds more often?
Some wild spring flowers for you
Thank you for stopping by and commenting on my blog - I appreciate this.
Happy stitching to everyone!


Ponechka said...

Оль, какая ты молодец! Всегда восхищаюсь твоему терпению создавать именно комплекты! Этот получился великолепный, как и всегда! Молодчина!

Helena said...

очень красиво,нежно!

Natasha said...

Радостно и интересно!
За цветочки - благодарность, особенная. Милые такие, нежные, и элегантные одновременно.
А листочек - это, безусловно, удача, - для тебя!!!

Hazel said...

I love the new spring set. Look forward to seeing more. I have stitched Gracious Era. It's lovely to do. x

Annie said...

Gorgeous new design. Your work is exquisite as usual.

The Dimensions piece looks like a fun stitch too.

You are definitely one lucky lady to find that 4 leaf clover! My friends and I used to search for those for hours when we were kids and rarely, if ever, found one!

Nancy said...

Spring is a gorgeous set! I love your color choices, and your designs are always lovely.

Your Christmas stitching is wonderful! Don't you love Christmas with an old-fashioned feel? Your Spring flowers are beautiful! Enjoy this new season.

Adriana R. said...

Olga, tu set primaveral es simplemente bello. Me gusta mucho la terminaciòn del berlingot, còmo se juntan los diseños y la uniòn queda disimulada, precioso!
El Dimensions es de una belleza absoluta. Es un gran trabajo!

staci said...

Your Spring Set is Gorgeous! The design and colors and finishing are stunning!!!

galchon-ok said...

Прелесный комплектик!!! Вы Олечка просто умничка!!!! Вдохновения вам и новых работ!!!

Iêda Klein said...

Feliz Páscoa!
Que esta passagem traga realmente renascimento, amor, esperança e libertação!
"Disse Jesus: Eu vim para que tenham vida e vida completa!" (João 10:10b)
Com carinho , Iêda

Dani - tkdchick said...

That spring set is gorgeous and I love how you sewed up that neat shaped scissor fob... care to share your idea on how to sew that up so nicely?

Your Christmas piece is so lovely, keep working at it!

Mylene said...

What gorgeous "Spring" set, Olga. Great job!!

Your Christmas WIP is looking beautiful.

Happy Easter Weekend!

Jules said...

You're welcome for the awards and thank you for sharing! I love your progress on the Christmas Design SAL! Keep up the great work!!

What an interesting idea for the orts you have collected! I would be interested to see how the wren's have used them.

hohla said...

Оленька! Как романтично получилось! Нежно, по - весеннему! Люблю твои работы!!!

Sharon said...

Your spring set is gorgeous, but I just love your Christmas stitch-it looks great!

Andrea said...

A lovely new design, perfect for spring.

Sally said...

I absolutely love your Spring set Olga! It's so pretty and delicate looking.

Brigitte said...

Your new Spring series looks marvellous.
Great progress on the Dimensions chart. These charts have lots of colour chnages and aren't that fast to stitch. You must have been stitching up a storm, lol.

Michelle said...

Your new Spring design is beautiful - so delicate!

Your Christmas piece is also coming along nicely - a great finish to look forward to.

Siobhan said...

Your new spring set is just beautiful! I love your progress on your WIP, too.

Have a good weekend!

wiewiórka said...

Spring set is just lovely - I love the pastel colours on it.

greetings to you :)

Dona Jorja said...

Hello!! Very beautiful your works, congratulations!!

indystitch said...

Lovely designs as always! I've nominated you for a couple of blog awards! You can stop by my blog to pick them up.

malele said...

j'aime beaucoup ta nouvelle "famille" les couleurs toutes douces et le joli design
Une bonne journée à toi et bises de Malélé

Pumpkin said...

Another beautiful set! So delicate looking. The colors are perfect and so is your stitching :o)

What a great idea to give your threads to the birds! I'm sure they appreciate it.