Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Some New Finish

After a bad spell of weather last week here the Interner connection was acting up. I had to wait for about three hours to publish the previous post. Such waste of time! So I waited till they have fixed everything.

I had "A Lady's Heart" by Just Nan framed and wanted to show you some pictures. It was not so easy to get it framed: the quality of work was very poor, I even had to ask the manager of the store for help. Now you still can see some wrinkles on the fabric but with our humidity I hope they soon must be gone.

I was busy making some more "smalls", thread keeps. For them I used the pieces recently stitched and the pieces which were done about a year ago. They all are stitched on 28 ct Evenweave with DMC floss.

The first one is my "quaker inspired", one of my favorites. It is a motif from "Diminutive Dutch Sampler", Carriage House Samplings.

The second one is also very nice. I took the design for it from The Prairie Schooler Designer Series booklet "Spring Miniatures". I changed the colors in the design and now they perfectly match the color of my Azaleas .

The design for the third one is called "Reprise d'un motif ancien Coeur Muguet", a freebie from a French site. I like the design but I am not so happy with the result, tried different finishes - nothing helped so I decided to leave it as it is. Here is my the least favorite:

Anyway, I like to use them when I go to stitch outside , they can be hung on the arm of the swing or kept on a bigger ring together so the wind does not blow away my flosses.

Happy stitching and take care.


Mylene said...

WOW! I just love your small finishes, they are sooo cute. That's a great idea, hope you won't mind if i'll try one of those someday...i rather try it now but i am getting behind on the exchanges i sign up.
The framed heart is simply beautiful!!

Nelapx said...

Felicidades posees unos trabajos muy hermoso...

flom said...

Your heart is wonderfull
I love it
a bientôt

Carla said...

GORGEOUS framed piece! Love the color of mats tou chose!
And your thread keeps are lovely!!

Marie said...

congratulations for this heart frame ! very very nice !
just discovered your blog.. and i will come back to visit you, your works are very nice !

tkdchick said...

Your JN looks lovely! What adorable floss tags!