Wednesday, March 26, 2008

My Pinkeep Reached Its New Home

I am happy to learn that my partner, Janaina, has received the HOE pinkeep exchange package and she likes her pinkeep. I did not expect the package to arrive so fast - it was a pleasant surprise.
Now I can show you the pictures of what I sent to Janaina. Here is the pinkeep, its close up, back and other goodies:

In the post card I wrote to Janaina that I had been stitching the piece in four countries and she did not understand that.

Well, I am originally from Russia and recently we, my husband and I, made a trip to my home country to see my family and friends. I took a few charts with me so I could rotate them and kill the time during the trip. You know, when the flight lasts 13-18 hours you need a variety of activities not to get bored. So I stitched on board the planes, in between the flights, in the airports and hotels. I started ( just marked and kitted) the piece here in Keithville, Louisiana then stitched a little in Chicago; a little inTokyo, Japan; then in Seoul, Korea; in Russia at home then again in Korea, in Los Angeles and finished it here at home for this exchange. I thought a piece with such history will be interesting for Janaina. Besides I stitched this pattern before and I knew it is pretty. Here are some more pictures of other things with the same design:

a box, a biscornu - my first one,

that is its back, and a little ring pincushion - hard to take a good picture of it but a very convenient thing.

Everything can fit inside the box.

I modified the design a little in the corners so it can sit better on the top of the box and added some more beads. I stitched all pieces on 28 ct Antique Evenweave which I coffee dyed a little.

If you have not recognized the design yet, it is Just Nan " Spring Fantazy".

Happy stitching to everybody!


Janaina said...

Oh my God! You are some kinda Jedi with needles! I am stunned! All pieces are so so beautiful!Congrats on them all, Olga! Very well done!
I was wondering from where did you take that design. I was correct: it´s Just Nan! My 1st JN piece ever!
What a nice story on the pinkeep! I like that most of all! Love that kinda pieces full of history and meanings!:o)
Now you MUST to teach me how to make a ring pincushion like that! It´s just adorable! Never had seen anything like that before!Do you have a tutorial? Would you be interested in any kinda swap?Take a lok at my blog and let me know if you like any of the last works I have posted there. We can have a lovely private swap.:o)Get in touch!
Lots of hugs!

Nelapx said...

Por otro lado... guao felicidades ese bordado si tiene una gran ruta.. y ahora a viajado a brasil... que bien eso se llama un bordado viajero....
Esta muy hermoso.. felicidades..
ese viaje tuyo a Rusia es largo... y tienes fotos? amo los viajes

Carla said...

Stunning!!! Janaina must me very happy to own this gorgeous pinkeep!

Janaina said...

I am! I am!:D

tkdchick said...

Wow Everything is so beautiful!!!

Cenoura said...

I really love your work!
You do so beautiful things...
...but the biscornus, I have to try to do one! I'm really crazy about it!
I wish you the best

flom said...

All piece are so beautifull!!!
I love tehe pinkeep and the biscornu!!!!!!!!!
C'est une merveille!!!!!!!!