Tuesday, June 10, 2008

"How Does Your Garden Grow?" Part 4

The beginning of June is rather productive for me, I stitched much and I can show you something today. There are some works which I finished stitching but I need a little more time to finish them completely.

I worked on Papillon Creations sampler "How Does Your Garden Grow?" Part 4. Here is how my garden grows:

I looked at the chart of Part 5, it's going to be a butterfly part: must be pretty! But for some reason I want to wait a little and have a look at Part 6 first and then stitch both parts.

Tonight I learned that Mylene got HOE Freebies Exchange package from me. So I can show what I stitched for her.

It was really hard to choose one design: there are so many lovely designs! But I wanted to find a design related to our hobby and something which you do not see in every other blog. After a long search I found the design for my partner.
One day Stitchhappy dropped by my blog and left a comment on one of my works. I visited her blog and spent a lot of time there. She is an amazing stitcher! Just go and see yourself! I loved her fobs and the way she finishes them - very pretty ( I even showed some of them to my husband) ! Hey, is anybody still here? lol And Stitchhappy is also a designer. I chose the design which she says is one of her favorite "Sorry... Gone Stitchin' " . My husband even remembered that in old times shop owners used to leave messages "Closed. Gone fishing" on the doors of their shops on the days when they did not have customers... OK, here is what I stitched for Mylene:

I made the piece into a door knob or it can be used as a decoration in the garden - we don't have much rains in here - it looks great on the shepherd's hook, doesn't it? I hope Mylene likes it as well as other goodies which I sent to her.
Some more pictures of the back and a close up.

Thank you for stopping by, special thank you for those who leave comments.
And I? Sorry.... Gone stitchin'.


Nataliya said...

Здорово! Это я сперва про пинкип :о))). Понравилась шутка, и заключительная часть поста :о).
Садик цветёт...я держусь пока, хотя очень нравится сэмплер. У меня проблемы с подбором цветов. И то хочется, и по другому тоже вроде ничего...посмотрим, может зимой доберусь до цветущих садов.
А я что? А я - заниматься текущими делами и радоваться ещё одному солнечному дню!

Mylene said...

Hello Olga, i can't find your email addy so thought to post it here.
Thank you so much for the wonderful package i received for the exchange. I LOVE it all!! Just posted a picture on my blog but seeing yours came out better.

Carol said...

What a lovely exchange you made for Mylene ;-)

Janaina said...

Absolutely stunning pieces! Love them both! =)
Missing you, Olenka!

Yuko said...

Your stitching is always so neat and beautiful as I always say!
This looks so beautiful and very delicate!

Faby said...

How lovely! It's pure pleasure to look at your work.

Carla said...

How does your garden grow? looks awesome!!!
The freebie exchange you sent to Mylene is really nice, too!

Shari said...

discovered your blog, thru Mylene's blog! Beautiful pieces you have stitched! I will be back to see often!!!