Friday, June 27, 2008

HOE LHN Exchange and EMS "Rose Sampler" Update

Early in the morning today I got messages from Simone, my HOE exchange partner, that she got my package with LHN exchange. I could not believe this! I sent her the package on Monday and prepared for a long long wait ... And what? On (my) Friday morning the package reached Simone's place. I think it's an International Post Service record!

From Simone's blog I've learned that she loves birds so I stitched LHN pattern called "Watermelon" with a nice big bird in it and made it into a pin keep. The pattern is stitched on 28 ctMushroom Evenweave with Crescent Colours floss . On the back of the pin keep I made a pocket for a pair of little scissors.
And the picture of other goodies: Simone's favorite DMC dark reds, some bird buttons and charms....
I hope Simone likes what I have made for her.
I wanted to thank those who commented on my "Rose Garden" Biscornu - all your comments are very inspiring and are highly appreciated. I have already sent the chart of my biscornu to everybody who wanted to have it and believe me - it took me some time to do this . lol
Still I managed to stitch a little and finished Part 6 of EMS "Rose Sampler". I am happy because it is already half done!

Thank you for stopping by, special thank you for those who leave comments.

Have a nice weekend and take care,



Miss 376 said...

No wonder she was delighted, what a lovely item to receive in the post.

Yuko said...

Hi Olga,
Your LHN exchange piece is so lovely!!
I love this design and have a thread pack, but haven't been trying to stitch it yet!
Your wee pocket on the back is very nice, too!

You know, I've just started EMS Rose Sampler, too!
Now I'm working on Part1, though it's very fun!

Faby said...

Very sweet! I like it!!! Well done!!!

Carol said...

You sent a beautiful exchange to Simone... and thank you for the biscornu chart ;-)

Carla said...

I love this design!! The pinkeep you made for Simone is very pretty! Great exchange!

Ren said...

olga, you have beautiful works! I really enjoy watching them on your blog.

Cenoura said...

My dear Olga, I'm so glad to see that you understand so well Portuguese!
Thanks for all your kind words!
...and it's truth, probably I'll continue stitching in linen fabrics. It's so different and so pleasant!
I've also the EMS Rose Sampler chart to do (in linen for sure), but not now (I've so many things to finish... ;)) ***

staci said...

Lovely pinkeep, love the fob you made for the scissors too :)

Margaret said...

Your rose sampler looks wonderful. I have yet to start this but when I see yours I am sorely tempted to put other things aside ;-)

Nataliya said...

Привет, Оля!
Именно с этого дизайна я хотела начать (или продолжить) эпопею под названием "Я обожаю LHN & CCN!" :о). Но у меня не оказалось одного цвета - я перепутала и заказала неправильный. И тут твой подарочек! Как мне нравятся эти дизайники! И идею с кармашком для ножничек очень давно хотела осуществить! Попробую до отпуска вышить хоть одну картиночку!
Жаль, что картинки в этот раз не увеличиваются :о(

Mylene said...

Your LHN pinkeep piece looks wonderful. I finished mine the same way and still waiting to hear from my partner.
EMS Rose sampler is looking beautiful. Love the colour you used for this project.

Nicola said...

Your LNH pinkeep is just gorgeous Olga. Rose sampler is coming on beautifully.

BTW thanks so much for the offer of the perle thread for the JN biscornu. I'm pretty sure that I'll stick with the stranded cotton as I'm going to stitch this on 32ct, but I'll bear it in mind if I do decide to use it.

flom said...

lovely exchange !!
your pinkeep is beautifull!

Carol R said...

Thank you for the Rose Biscornu pattern!