Friday, December 26, 2008

Some More Christmas Finishes

Hope everyone had a safe and happy Christmas filled with moments to treasure...
Well, I have a number of finishes to show to you tonight. It's hard to decide what to begin with, maybe with my favorite designer, Just Nan.
I finished stitching "Peace" by Just Nan and already had it framed. I only forgot to take some pictures of the sampler before framing.
Another design which is called "Christmas Rose" was finished a little while ago but if you look at the pictures attentively, you will notice that these two designs have the same roses and snowflakes - they are good companions. So now they are together:
* * * * * * *
And I also want to show you some of my new designs which I finished a couple of days ago. I continued working on "Christmas Ornaments"and created two more designs which were made into a box top and an Icicle ornament.
"Love" Box Top:
"LOVE" Icicle ornament -it's a little too hard to take good pictures of these Icicles because of their shape. Here is best of what I could do:
And a picture of the whole "Christmas Ornaments" theme:
And two more ornaments to show. I made these "Snowflake" ornaments using the same design for them but stitched them on different colors of the fabric. If you remember I did the same with one of my autumn designs and everybody noted how the background color change the look of the design. Here is the Blue Snowflake ornament:
And here is the White Snowflake ornament :
Both Snowflake ornaments:
Which of the snowflakes looks better? I really do not know, they are like kids for me - I love them both. :-))
If you are interested in buying any of my designs, send me an e-mail please. My e-mail address is in my Profile. Thank you.
* * * * * * *
I was asked if biscornus are my favorite smalls.
- Well, I like them but they are not my favorites. I will, probably, make my next post about my favorite smalls. :-)
Stay tuned!

Thank you everyone for interesting comments, special thank you for the new readers who commented on my works. I really appreciate this.
Happy stitching to everyone!


Yoyo said...

I'm with Dany on the subject of metallic fibers. I would prefer to special order Kreinik or Rainbow Gallery than to use DMC. When I purchase a chart with DMC metallic listed I always substitute one of the others. I will chose Kreinik or Rainbow Gallery sometimes based solely on color or texture, but even if I like the color of the DMC better I simply to do like working with it. But this is just my opinion.

Noëlle said...

All is fantastic!

Brigitte said...

All your finishes are gorgeous. I once stitched Christmas Rose by JN, too, it's a wonderful ornament.

When it comes to metallic fibers I just take the ones I have on hand. Over the years I've got a small collection of metallic fibers of different brands and as I don't use them very often I still have enough for a couple of ornaments.

Nataliya said...

Оленька, половину не поняла. К сожалению, не имею возможности заняться он-лайн переводом. Но попробую ответить на то, что мне понятно. Я вообще не любитель гламура, тоись всяческого блеска. Вернее, бисер люблю, но не металлик. Стараюсь исключить его из дизайна. Хоть и безусловно согласна, что с ним некоторые дизайны смотряться исключительно! Особенно рождественские! Но вот не люблю им шить, не люблю :о(((. Но если "из песни слов не выбросить", то есть металлик ДОЛЖЕН БЫТЬ, то только Kreinik. Но чем тоньше, тем лучше. DMC & Anchor выбросила весь, что был в запасах после того, как попробовала несколько раз Kreinik. В общем, это непростой вопрос, думаю, сколько людей, столько и мнений.
Вернусь к нормальному общению числа 15-го...с наступающим Новым Годом! Счастья, благополучия и всего самого доброго! Целую.

Dovilė said...

just stunning! all things are so beautiful, bravo!

hohla said...

Оль! Невероятно всё-всё-всё красиво! И семплер, и все остальное - шикарное и очень праздничное!!! Особенно мне понравился узор на шкатулке и сама шкатулка , и снежинки твои бесподобны!!! SUPER!!!

Dani - tkdchick said...

Thank you so much for taking the time to address my question! I really appreciate it, and it means a lot to me.

In the end it always comes down to desired effect and what you can get right?

Everything is just so beautiful!!!!

Olenka's Stitches said...

I want to thank everyone who took time and participated in our discussion on metallics.
I quite agree with Dany that the choice of the metallics mainly depends on the desired effect and of course, on personal preferences.
I like Brigitte's point of view too. For stitching ornaments, just for a few stitches, I would use the metallic from my stash or not use it at all (Nataliya's point of view)- I would never special order the metallics for such projects.
I see the task of the designer to show ways of embellishing the project.
The main thing is to enjoy what we are doing.
Happy Stitching!

Wendy said...

hello, I wandred onto your blog, and I must say, I love it !
I was never into making ornaments, but I really love your use of coulors, there is something so different and refreshing about them.....
I'll make sure I wander over here more often !

Nancy said...

Everything looks so beautiful! I love the snowflakes the most, I think. They are very pretty!

Daffycat said...

Gorgeous stitching as always. I especially love your snowflakes and the octagon shape you used~stunning!

Cindy F. said...

Oooh,,I LOVE IT ALL!!! Beautiful pieces Olga:) I see more things I will have to order from you soon!

marta said...

All is gorgeous!
I "Christmas ornament", sono belli per i colori tipici natalizi e per la forma insolita, mentre gli "Snowflake ornament" sono freschi e meno tradizionalisti!
Mi piacciono entrambi!!!
Baci Marta

Violette said...

Bravo pour toutes ces belles broderies de Noël ! J'aime beaucoup les flocons.

Wendy said...

This looks very nice, I like the ornaments, that's something you don't see here in Belgium.

Happy Holidays from Belgium.

Loreta said...

All looks so beautiful!

Annie said...

What a beautiful collection. Just perfect finishing!

siesta said...

Роскошно и празднично!! С наступающим Новым Годом тебя! Пусть в новом году будет у тебя много счастья!

Mylene said...

WOW! So many great finishes! Great job!
I really love your Christmas ornaments you design. You finished them so beautifully!

All things beautiful said...

Very nice, especially "Peace" & "Christmas Rose".

Carla said...

Wonderful finishes!!!

scrap, quilt and stitch... said...

I love all your Christmas ornaments, but your Just Nan is so beautiful !!!!

*.. lovelovelovelovelove...*....*...lovelovelo.*
Envoie ce cœur
à toutes les personnes
que tu estimes beaucoup

Olga said...

your work and stitching always amazes me, congratulations on your sampler finish, its stunning! and your other work is just as stunning :o)
..happy new year to you! :o)
luv from olga. (uk)

Faby said...

Sorry I didn't leave a comment earlier on: I've only just found your new article (I left my RSS snitch at home ;)
Woah, I just LOVE your snowflake ornaments. They are both absolutely and totally stunning!!! They look fabulous!!! Very well done to you!!!
Your other finishes are lovely too. You've been very busy!!! Take care.XXX

Hazel said...

Stunning designs. xx

Anonymous said...

Beautiful work!

Akila said...

I love your designs. I especially love the snowflakes. They are always my weakness :d
After reading soo many blogs, I got inspired to start one of my own. It is

flom said...

Je te souhaite une Merveilleuse Année 2009 !!!!!!!

flom said...

Je te souhaite une Merveilleuse Année 2009 !!!!!!!

flom said...

Je te souhaite une Merveilleuse Année 2009

Jennifer said...

Gorgeous work, as always! I love both snowflakes - the one on the blue fabric reminds me of Wedgwood.

Mylene said...

Happy New Year and best wishes for 2009!!

Svala said...

I came across you blog searching for biscornus and I am totally in love with your designs. I used to do quite a lot of cross stitch but too a break from it for years but want to start again now. Do you sell your designs anywhere? Thanks for sharing your creations.

Olenka's Stitches said...

Hi Svala,
Thank you for the comment on my works.
You can buy my designs from me.
Send me an e-mail, please. My address is in my Profile.
Happy stitching!

Marie said...

your Just Nan work + frame are really beautiful !
i love your designs too :-))
and... happy new year 2009 :-))

Carol R said...

Love your Christmas finishes - especially the snowflakes!

Felicity said...

I'm shocked at myself! I thought I had already left a comment. I'm sorry for being so 'slack'. Your work is gorgeous. I love the blues, in particular. Keep up the beautiful work.

Shell said...

you have stitched so many pretty projects.Love the way you have finished them too.

Nicola said...

Peace is just beautiful Olga! Love the Christmas Roses ornament, where is that design from? As ever your own designs are just beautiful.

Pumpkin said...

Absolutely gorgeous finish Olga!

Your designs are beautiful and to be honest, I don't think I could decide which of the blues either :o)

Erna said...

Wonderful all of them

tintocktap said...

Your ornaments are just beautiful! I particularly love the icicle and snowflakes!

Erna said...

Hi Olga I would like to order some charts, I think I need to email you? And please have a little look on my blog, I gave you an award...I hope you like it .
Bye Erna

boci said...

Hi Olenka,
I have found your blog from Nina.
I like the Just Nan, bought it in December and hardly can wait to start it. :) Also the Snowflakes are so lovely!

Malélé said...

so pretty i like so much all your pinkeep
Friendly Malélé