Friday, March 6, 2009

Thank you!

My Dear Blog Friends,
I'd like to thank all of you who congratulated my mother on her 80-th anniversary, thank you for your warm wishes and your kind comments on her works.
We have been keeping this project secret from her as we want to make a pleasant surprise. This weekend my son is coming home from his business trip and we are going to show my mother the post about her and her works, and translate your comments for her. I will also tell her a few words about each of you. I am sure she will be thrilled that so many people congratulated her and saw her works. It is the first show, International show of her works - she will feel like a star! :-)
Thank you!
Спасибо всем моим друзьям по блогу за теплые поздравления моей мамочки с ее юбилеем и за ваши прекрасные, душевные слова о ее работах. Спасибо, девочки!
Now to the second part of this secret project...
To commemorate my mother's birthday and to thank you I created a design which I want to present to you. Probably, it will be an unusual design for most of you. It is based on my memories of the designs which my mother used to stitch years ago. I called the design "A Russian Motif, Spring".
If you would like to get the chart of the design, write an e-mail to me and I will send you the chart in PDF file. My e-mail address is in my Profile.

This offer will last till March, 13 2009!!!!

P.S. for those who are late and missed the offer:
You can purchase "A Russian Motif, Spring" design from me, it is included as the main design into "A Russian Motif, Spring" Biscornu Set. More information and pictures in the next post.
Tomorrow I will post about my new works. Stay tuned!

Happy Stitching to everyone!


Olga said...

wow what a wonderful surprise for you mother! ((hugs)) exciting for your family im sure :o)
luv from olga. (uk)

Annie said...

The design is gorgeous. Thanks for sharing it. And have a wonderful time with your mom this weekend!

Felicity said...

One thing I really love about your blog (and your stitching, in general) is your use of bold colour. This piece is no exception! It's gorgeous. It seems we are doing similar things at the moment with our mother figures. I hope your mother had a lovely birthday.

Lia said...

Hi Olga!
You are a great daughter!! And your mother should be very special too! I think that these are wonderful gifts!
I would like too much to receive the chart, so I´ll send you a mail. Congratulations!!!

Julianne said...

Happy belated 80th birthday to your mother. I wish her many more happy and healthy years.

It is wonderful that you both share a love of needlework. Your design work is a wonderful tribute to her.

Theresa said...

Such a wonderful surprise and have a wonderful weekend with your family!!!

Vee said...

Olga the design is so lovely and your mother will be so happy that you have made her day special and honouring her in this way. Have a wonderful time together.

xangles said...

Hi, Olenka. Please extend my warmest congratulations to your mum on her 80th anniversary. The design you have created in her honour is so appropriate - rich and beautiful. I'm sure she's so proud of you.I'll email for the pattern, thank you so much for offering it!

Carol said...

What a lovely design Olga. I shall be emailing you shortly with a request, thank you so much!

Please send your Mum belated Happy Birthday Wishes from me. :o)

Solstitches said...

What a gorgeous design - so vibrant and just a little bit different.
I'd like to email for the chart.
Thank you so much :)


siesta said...

Оленька, какой чудесный дизайн у тебя получился! Очень-очень НАШ!! Ты его так сделала, что мне кажется, что у меня дома тоже была такая вышивочка! Мой Гуглик не очень мне растолковал про секретный проект, я тебе напишу на мейл и буду просить растолковать, окей?
Обнимаю и передай привет твоей мамочке из Италии! Скажи ей, что мир тесен и мы все вместе в нём!! И от того, что мы вместе, нам везде хорошо, мы везде дома!

Pumpkin said...

That is SO wonderful!!!! I'm going to cry into my cereal :o( I bet she will be very happy and touched :o)

Drat! I'm sorry I missed the deadline for your pattern Olga :o(