Thursday, March 26, 2009

"Hearts" Needlebook-PInkeep and more

Honestly I thought that I had finished working on "Hearts" Sewing Set, at least this year. There were some more ideas and sketches left and I wanted to return to them much later. It was Yoyo who first said that the sewing set must also have a needlebook. So I started working on it.
From the beginning I decided that the needlebook must have a heart shape and it must be two in one: a needlebook and a pinkeep ( for pinkeep lovers :-) ). I am not so fast in finishing my stitched pieces, it took me 2 days ( and nights ) to find a pretty and easy way to finish this neddlebook-pinkeep. Here is what I made:
Some of my customers told me that they want to stitch this sewing set as a gift for their friends. So I thought it might be nice to make a gift tag which can be made into a floss tag as well. I finished mine as a gift tag and put a charm on my friend's name to hide it ;-). For those customers who order the complete set the tag design is a gift. Here is the complete "Hearts" sewing set, 10 items now:
After the post about my mother and "A Russian Motif, Spring" design I got so many wonderful e-mails in which readers of my blog told me about their mothers and grandmothers. Vera in Russia ( I do not know if she has a blog) sent me pictures of her mother's works, one of which is almost identical with my mother's work. Jean and Anne R told me how they first learned about Russian and Ukrainian cross stitch. Thank you ladies for the interesting e-mails , it 's so nice to get to know you.

I could not imagine that the little design in Russian style would be such a success. On some blogs I saw you finished stitching but were wondering what to make it into. Well, into anything : a fob, a pinkeep, a floss tag. I made my stitched pieces into biscornus :-). Lately there appeared so many different varieties of biscornues. I made two of them: one is a traditional, the other one has many names. I like two names : a tulip or a lantern biscornu. Here is my lantern, it was stitched on 32ct: I embellished the traditional biscornuit with tassels, they are just right for a Russian design. The biscornu is stitched 1 x 1 on 28 ct. Antique White Linen. To give you an idea of its actual size here is a picture of the biscornu and well-known stork scissors:Here is "A Russian Motif, Spring" Biscornu Set :

If you are interested in buying any of my designs, please contact me.
My e-mail address is in my Profile.

Vee and Marie sent me pictures of my "Purity & Passion" biscornu. Both ladies did a great job on making their biscornues. Aren't their stitching and finishing lovely? Look how creative they were in taking their pictures!
This biscornu was made by Vee:

And this is Marie's biscornu:
Thank you ladies for your work and wonderful pictures of your biscornus.

* * * * * *
I want to show you one more work by my mother. This crotchet shawl I got from my mother a few days ago, just on my birthday. :-) Do you remember I told you what kind of projects my mother likes? Yes, you are right - huge!
Knowing my mother very well I can tell you that that is her own pattern. Will we be able to do something like this when we are 80 years young?

I want to thank Anne R and Theresa for the new awards and today I will break my tradition and pass all the awards I've ever had to the best crafter I've ever known, to the wisest teacher I've ever met to my dear loving mother. :-)
And to finish today's post here are some spring pictures from my garden:
This is a busy bee and that is a Bumble Bee:
But! Have you ever seen a bug like this?
When I saw the bug on my Azaleas I asked a neighbor what bug is that. I was advised to kill it to have a better look at it. Instead I asked the bug to wait a little, brought a camera and took some pictures of it. To my husband I described the bug like " half a Bumble Bee, half a Humming bird , looks like a flying shrimp." We Googled on the bug and found out that it is a Humming bird Moth or Humming bird bug, a rather rare one here.
Thank you for stopping by, special thank you for those who leave comments and send e-mails, this is a great source of inspiration for me!
Happy stitching to everyone!


Яна said...

Сколько красоты в одном сообщении! Потрясающе!

Понечка said...

Как же красиво в комплектах все смотрится! Обожаю мелочь, но в комплекте вообще шикарно! Оля, бсконечно люблю твой блог за красоту и за твое терпение, которое позволяет тебе все это воплащать! Уважаю!

Faby said...

Your "Hearts" collection is so beautiful, and I just LOVE your pinkeep/needlebook!!! What a fantastic idea! It's brilliant.
And talking about brilliant, what fabulous work your Mum has done on your shawl... It's gorgeous! What a clever mother & daughter pair you two make...! Fabulous! Have a great day XXX

tintocktap said...

Your Hearts sewing set is just lovely! But your lantern biscornu is spectacular! I've seen that shape before, but I'd forgotten about it - thanks for reminding me! I'll definately need to add that to my list of things to stitch!

Annie said...

These are all so beautiful. I've never seen anything like that lantern/tulip biscornu. That is really special!

Pumpkin said...

Olga, you have been busy again! This has turned out to be quite the collection and beautiful one at that :o) Congrats!

I love your Tulip Biscornu. Can you explain what you used to stitch the motif on the top?

It must make you feel so good when you see others stitching your designs :o)

OH WOW! Your mother is very talented and I can definitely see where you got it from ;o) That is one beautiful shawl and so delicate. What a treasure you have there.

You're right, that is what they call a Hummingbird Moth :o) If you look in my summer posts from last year (I think) I have a picture of one on there as well. They are neat little creatures and very gentle so don't kill them :o( Here is a link you might find interesting -

Wendy said...

You heart collection is just so wonderful! I love the needlebook and pinkeep!
Also your biscornu is lovely, I have never stitched one before.

Adriana R. said...

Olga, bellisimo todo! Como siempre tú con esas maravillas. Qué habilidad que tienes para todas estas manualidades!!
Mil felicitaciones!!

Sally said...

Your stitching set is beautiful Olga:)

Love how you finished your Russian Motif design. Is the lantern easy to finish?

Angela said...

Your hearts collection is breathtaking! I LOVE your Lantern/Tulip biscornu, stunning! The shawl your Mom crocheted is just gorgeous, wonderful pics of your garden. Thanks for making me smile today :)

Violette said...

Olga, tes broderies sont de petites merveilles, si féminines et précieuses ! C'est un plaisir de passer sur ton blog pour les admirer... Ce pinkeep/needlebook est très original ! Et le châle de ta maman, quelle beauté !

Jean said...

How clever you are!! The heart shape needlebook/pinkeep is adorable! Now your collection is complete - RIGHT??

The biscornu (tulip) is one I've never seen and lends itself well to the design you chose for it. I especially appreciate your showing it's relative size. I saw an ornament the other day that I thought was a pillow!! Come to find out, it was only about 2 inches square!

Your work is inspiring. I have started the pattern you sent me. I got to it right after I finished my daughter's present. I will post a photo today or tomorrow.

Thank you for the email with the hint about the good lighting for working over one. You are absolutely right.

Malélé said...

I like all these embroderies and the set in russian style is son wonderfull with this strange ship of the fob !
Friendly Malélé

hohla said...

Олечка! Комплекты получились шикарные! Очень нравится твое видение дизайнов!!!
Мамин подарок замечательный! Фото весны - задают настроение!

Nataliya said...

Какой большой и интересный пост, Оленька! Давно тебя не было видно! Думаю, ты не обидишься, если я сперва свои комплименты и бесконечное уважение выскажу твоей мамочке! Какая она умничка, какие работы делает! Потрясающая шаль! Просто невероятная!
Теперь о твоих комплектах. Обожаю. Жаль, что фото не кликаются, но всё равно можно рассматривать до бесконечности! Браво тебе!
...а унас опять метель, град и дождь - потому как +5°C...и ветер...и ни один кустик, ни одно деревце ещё не цветёт. Только луковичные. Но эти товарищи ещё с февраля нас красотой балуют...а насекомое ваше точно знала, как называется, но забыла...эх, энтомолог я никудышний :о)

Mylene said...

WOW! You finished them all perfectly!! Great job.

Mylene said...

me again, thanks for sharing the beautiful pictures from your garden.

Angelika said...

oh gibt es hier viele schöne Sachen zu sehen.
Liebe Grüße

Dani - tkdchick said...

Wow your heart set is just stunning! Do you have a link to how to finish a lantern or tulip biscornu? I'd love to give that a try!

Flowers... won't be seeing those for awhile.

Carla said...

Olenka, swetie, as ever, you show us delicate little things! I just loved everything and found a nice idea the union of pinkeeper and needlebook. I have done a pinkeeper to a friend, as a gift, and also a needlebook. I'll show them at my blog.

I'm starting to stitch your design that I bought times ago.

Sharon said...

The eye candy on your blog today is just overwhelming. The are all just divine!

Yoyo said...

You know I love the Sewing Set already! I have been looking for a design that would fit that "lantern" finish (which I've also seen called a Lotus Biscornu) but I didn't see anything I liked until yours'. and I have the Russion Motif too, so maybe I'll try and do that up next weekend. your shawl is absolutely stunning!!

And I'm extremely jealous -- we got 3 inches of snow today!!!!!!!!!

Jeanie said...

Your hearts collection is breathtaking ! Your biscornus are all amazing. I especially love the lantern/tulip biscornu :)

Carla said...

Your heart set is beautiful!!!!
Your lantern bisornu is awesome, I have to try that type of finish some day :)

Nancy said...

Very lovely pictures both of needlework and spring time! The Hearts set is gorgeous!

Brigitte said...

Olga, your Hearts collection is a real dream. So many wonderful pieces.

dany said...

Toutes ces créations sont magnifiques !
Douce soirée et gros bisous

Carla said...

Olenka, darling, thank you for visiting my little lead-off blog.

Hey, I was thinking... Woudn't you like to teach us how to do a pinkeeper/bookneedle like yours, that's so gorgeous? I'm sure that lots of people would like very much to learn it. Well, this "a lot of people", be sure, includes me! *lol*

xangles said...

Oh! Olenka, your designs and finishes are just delicious. Could you explain to me how you made the tulip biscornu, please? I'd love to try one! {hugs}, Pokua

gazette94 said...

Congratulations Olga for the needlebook and the gift tag, the whole set is absolutly wonderful !

And the biscornus are so lovely with that Russian motif ..
What a talented and créative stitcher you are !

Felicity said...

Beautiful stitching, Olga. I love the bold colours!

All things beautiful said...

What a lovely collection of "Hearts"! And I love the colours in your Russian designs.

Claudia said...

Sweet Olga,

HAPPY EASTER to you and to your family! Lot of love from Italy!!!
Claudia :)

Your blog is fulfilled with wonders...

Yoyo said...

Please check out my blog post of Easter Sunday morning. There is a gift for you. I was so glad to see your number come up!

knutsel Rein said...

Wonderful work!

HELENE said...

What beautiful items, especially the hearts !!!!!!!!
I love what you're doing !!!
Have a nice day !!

Hazel said...

Wow your hears set is just superb. I love the heart needlebook. Very cool way to finish it. xx

Iêda Klein said...

Fiquei feliz com sua visita e com suas palavras!
O seu blog é lindo, lindo!...

handgemacht said...

Deine Entwürfe sind wirklich wunderschön! Bin sehr beeindruckt!
Einen schönen Frühling wünsche ich Dir!
Herzliche Grüße,

Joei said...

As always, your designs, stitchings and finishings are so lovely. Lantern biscornu is very unique and lovely.