Friday, February 29, 2008

A Flange Pillow

I had been thinking for a long time what to make "My Heart Is True" into and I ended up turning it into a little flange pillow. I added a ribbon tassel and embellished it with a Swarovski heart bead. Have a look at the pictures:

I have been busy rearranging my sewing room - my husband presented me a new serger, sewing machine and a sewing table. I did not have any time for stitching but I made a pencil/tool holder for the new table. It is made of wood, steady and not breakable. And please don't think that I love frogs - I am afraid of them!
Happy stitching.


Mylene said...

First off, want to say Hi from Holland. Your finish pillow looks so lovely. Well done.

Faby said...

How gorgeous! Well done, it's beautiful.

Carla said...

Love your new pillow! You did a wonderful job!

Yuko said...

This heart is absolutely beautiful, Olga!
Congratulations on your Gorgeous finish!
Your idea inspires me a lot!
Thanks! :D