Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Welcome to my blog

Welcome to Olenka's Stitches Blog!

Hello everyone and thanks for stopping by!

As you have noticed this is not the best organized blog, actually if somebody ever thought of naming the worst blog I would probably be the only nominee.

Actually I did not intend to start blogging without introducing myself but I am new in blogging and instead of writing to my SAL blog I published the post in my blog. Sorry!

While I was thinking what to start with and how to do it, I was tagged by CinDC! Thank you for such a nice welcome, it is really very unexpected and pleasant. I think I will need a couple of days to find some more bloggers to tag . If somebody wants to be tagged, let me know, OK?

I hope everybody had a nice St. Valentine's day with lots of flowers and presents. I wanted to show you what I stitched for my husband. Here it is

This is Just Nan "A Lady's Heart"; 28 ct. Glass Blue Evenweave, DMC floss, Mill Hill beads and Swarovski Crystals. Note: for those who will wish to stitch this pattern - on Just Nan site this is a correction to Band 5. I found this just before going to have the sampler framed.

I will post another picture of it when we get the sampler framed.

Feel free to leave a comment and happy stitching to everybody.


C in DC said...

What a nice heart. It's very cute. Welcoming to the blogging world. I've really only been here since the end of December myself.

Nataliya said...

Мне так нравится это сердце!!! Уже 2 года лежит буклет со всем необходимым! И вообще, стыдно даже сказать, сколько у меня куплено JN, The Sweetheart Tree, JBW, Shepherd's Buch... пойду задам Вам ещё один вопрос, в письме :о)