Monday, July 21, 2008

Another "My Rose Garden Biscornu" and Summer Quaker Exchange Received

On the weekend I got an e-mail from another Olga, a wonderful cross stitcher from Great Britain. She finished stitching my romantic biscornu and sent me some pictures of it so I can share them with you. In her e-mail Olga said she enjoyed stiching the biscornu , the pattern is not so simple and it took her two days to finish it. She made biscornus before and they all were given away as gift to friends. Olga is impressed by this biscornu and is going to keep it for herself. I am happy to hear that! :-) Look at the pictures she sent me. She made some changes, used more metallics and her biscornu looks brighter.

It's a pity Olga does not have a blog and you can't see her other works, which are amazing. But she is thinking of starting a blog in future.
And another piece of good news...
Today I received a parcel from Jill, my HOE Summer Quaker exchange partner. Wowww!!! I absolutely love everything! She stitched "Seasonal Accents Sampler - Summer" by The Needle and I, and finished it as a tin topper. Her over one stitching is so delicate and the finishing is superb! I did not have a tin before, this is my first one. You know, before I thought tin is so cold and noisy, that is something more for men :-)). Jill put some felt on the bottom and I like her idea. Now I might also want to finish a tin.

Jill also made a nice Marking Pin /Thread Counter for me. And she sure read my blog... now I have one chick more! It is a chicken pin cushion! But I will never stick pins into it :-)). Jill also included a pretty pair of scissors( I have not seen such scissors before), some fabric, mini cards with my initial ( where did she manage to find something with my initial!?) and needles and .... I feel very spoiled ....and very happy to get to know another talented stitcher.
Jill, thank you so much for everything, you've made my day! Hugssss to you
and Happy stitching to everybody! Thank you for stopping by and leaving comments, they are always appreciated.


Carla said...

A lovely version of your biscornu design :)
Th exchange you received is great too!!

Nicola said...

What a lovely exchange from Jill. Olga has made a lovely job of stitching up your biscornu design.

Nina said...

Oh I'm sorry for my mistakes sometimes,
So thanks for your kind comment on my blog and of course congratulations for your award too! :)

Nina said...

Me again... Terrible sorry I forgot to put your blog in mine in the Award post.
Now I write is RIGHT!
Sorry sorry Olenka!

You got a plus Brilliant award from me :)
I hope you like it!

Mea culpa... Sorry!


Hazel said...

Another lovely version! xx

Sharon said...

Beautiful biscornu! Your summer exchange is lovely! Enjoy.

mimimira said...

Olga, your biscornu design is very beautiful!
Please, check my site - I've got something for you


hohla said...

Beauty!!! I invite you to mine blog, a surprise:

Janaina said...

The tin is just amazing, Olga, no wonder you are so pleased! Congrats! =)
Missing you deeply!

Lisa said...

The chicken pin cushion is so cute! Wonderful exchange! :-)