Thursday, May 1, 2008

April-Rose Needleroll

I have been absent for quite awhile: my computer collapsed and my husband bought me a new one. We were busy installing software, learning and tuning the new computer. I can't say I like Vista but my husband says I will like it when I learn it better.

I did not have much time to stitch but I have one finished piece and a couple pieces more unfinished yet, just do not know what to make them into.

I usually do not show WIPs but today I will show you some WIP pictures. Janaina and I were once discussing how to stitch with a neat back . Janaina is famous for making very neat back, her stitched towels are very pretty from both sides. I said I can stitch with a neat back a little. At the moment I was working on April-Rose Needleroll by Lena Rose. It is stitched on very hole-y linen with different silks. Here is a piece which is done in solid colors:

Of course, that is not the way to stitch with variegated flosses. When stitching flowers I like the color to change gradually without many stripes - so - forget the neat back .

And here are some pictures of the finished needleroll. There are some mistakes in the instructions for the pattern because of that I got some excess of the fabric. I decided to fill the space with the lace, coffee dyed a little to match the color of the linen and I used Swarovski's butterfly to embellish the needleroll.

That was my first needleroll and I am pleased with how it turned out.

Thank you for stopping by, special thank you for those who leave comments , it's a pleasure to read them.

Happy stitching!


Nataliya said...

То ли дизайны для needleroll особенные, то ли просто каждый хорош по-своему - но мне нравится почти каждый "батончик". И этот - не исключение. А нитки как блестят! Бабочка с эмалью очень нежная. Ну и изнанка аккуратнейшая. И ещё - я всегда искала тонкое кружево для needleroll, максимум 1 см шириной. Мне казалось, что широкое испортит внешний вид и будет грубо смотреться. А вот и нет! Оказывается, здорово!

хмммм....Vista....абсолютно положительных откликов не слышала о ней. Наоборот, не раз упоминались неудобства в работе, конфликты со многими программами...конечно, ко всему привыкаешь. Но я жуткий консерватор в технических вопросах. Для меня пока существует только Windows XP.....но всё равно, поздравляю с новым РС и желаю успешного освоения новых ресурсов!

Faby said...

Oh, very pretty indeed! What a good idea to add the lace and the butterfly.

Carol said...

Very pretty! I was wondering where you were :-) It took me a while to like Vista too!

staci said...

Your needleroll is just gorgeous, well done!

tkdchick said...

What a beautiful needleroll!

Janaina said...

Such a beautiful needleroll!
And I am sooooo flatered about your coments... I amnot know because of my neat backs (lol) but it was nice to read that here! =D made my day!
I just wish you live down the street so I could come over and sit close to you , to lear ALL your tricks! That needleroll is another piece of art, that´s for sure!So many things to learn from you, teacher!:)
Much love!

Einschies blog said...

hey great finish on your first needleroll,-)) I like this one I also have it in my stash...and I really like the border at the bottom of the design;-))