Thursday, May 29, 2008

First Walk...

No, it is not my first walk! Today my husband came home from work and look what he brought.

Yes, little chicks! And that was their first walk, and their first fight.

Though they are very weak they did their best to learn their new world and they tried to scratch and to fly and to chase bugs and got tired very soon.

A little nap on the brothers' shoulders after a long walk.

Just very tired...

They are very funny but I am afraid now I will get less time for cross stitching because I will be chick sitting lol.
I also took some more garden pictures after watering it.

I did some cross stitching today too but not enough to show any progress.

Thank you for stopping by and leaving your comments, I appreciate this.
Happy stitching to everybody.


Yuko said...

Hello there, chick sitter! LOL
Olga, what lovely tiny chicks you've received from your husband!!
They are so tiny and so cute!!
I love the photo the one is sleeping on brother's shoulder!!!
So adorble!!!!!
How many chicks did you get totally?
They will be hens, so you will be so busy!!! oh, I want to see your works, though... chick sitter must be tough! lol
But also they make us happy, don't they?
I hope you don't get tired of sitting them a lot! :D

C in DC said...

What darling little babies you have. Enjoy!

Gill said...

Those chicks are just too adorable! ;)

Daffycat said...

Oh, what darling chicks! I wish they stayed that fuzzy and adorable...but I like eggs too! Congratulations on your new babies!

Nataliya said...

Оленька!!!! Какие лапушки! Солнышки маленькие! Прелесть :о). Ну теперь в нагрузку к саду и питомцы шумно-пушистые :о). Ну что ж, где наша не пропадала! Успехов :о)!
...не могу, прелесть какая...:о)

Janaina said...

Hahahaha... chicks sitting! =D
Congrats, new mom!Looking forward for the fresh eggs! Yummy!

Olenka's Stitches said...

Thank you for the kind words about my chicks. They are adorable and I love them so much and enjoy watching them.
But I want them to grow and not to stay chicks for ever. I need them to fight the bugs, snakes, etc. which Louisiana is so rich in and which I am afraid so much.
These are not the first chickens we keep, the eggs are very tasty because we feed them to tasty things like vegetables, rice and what they found in the garden. They like strawberries berry berry much too.
How many chicks? Not many, just a few lol. We'd better count them when they are grown chickens. Now I am thinking what names to give to them.
Stay turned!
Chick sitter aka Olenka's Stitches

Faby said...

Oh how sweet!!! They're lovely!!! Hope they make excellent snake and bugs chasers (I must admit I had no idea chickens chased snakes!!! You learn something everyday!!!)
Happy yummy egg feasts too!

Mylene said...

What cute little babies. Enjoy!!!

Marie said...

oh, they are adorable !!!!!!!