Wednesday, May 14, 2008

"B" Is For Bunny

After the garden tour I spend more time working in the garden than stitching. It was so inspiring to see nice gardens that I also took my husband to one of the gardens to show him some things that he likes: maple trees and pools. I did not take any garden pictures during the tour as I do not want to copy anybody's garden, a garden is a very private thing, at least for me.

We spoke to master gardeners and learned some new facts about plants and got some ideas. Almost all our free time last week we spent working in our garden. I will show you some pictures later.

Now I want to show you what I had been stitching all this time and managed to finish. The Bride's Tree task for April was to stitch a rabbit. I chose "B" Is For Bunny by The Sweetheart Tree. I was a little late with my piece but... I stitched 9 rabbits not one, lol! Is it an excuse?

After a lot of thinking I decided to make it into a needleroll but there was a little problem - not enough linen for it. For a long time I had been wondering if it is possible to add some more fabric to the piece that you are working on and how this is going to look like.
I like experimenting. So I sewed two pieces together, on both sides of the seam I stitched a band and added some more bands to the top and bottom parts, here is what I got:

I guess the piece of the fabric which I added makes the design look brighter. I also coffee dyed a piece of the ribbon for the bottom part for a better contrast and finished the needleroll.
Here are the pictures of the needleroll and its sides:

But this is not all. I have another bunny to show to you! Here it is:

This little rabbit lives in our garden and is not afraid of me at all. When I go out to work or walk in the garden, he ( I think it is "he") also goes out, sits somewhere close to me and eats the grass from the bed. I say he is the only one who helps me weed the beds. He takes grass from my hand but does he not like bread. He made his bed under the Azalea bush, in the morning I can see him there through the window and I begin to worry when I do not see him there: we have a hawk in the garden too. My pet rabbit has a Russian name Zika , pronunciation is Zi-kar. Isn't he adorable?

Thank you for stopping by and leaving your comments , I enjoy reading them!

Happy stitching to everybody!


Gill said...

I think your needleroll looks lovely - the piece of fabric you added works really, really well!

The bunny in your garden is sweet too - oddly enough I found a bunny in my garden too but it was obviously an escaped pet - my next door neighbour is trying to locate it's owner.

Mylene said...

WOW! Your needleroll turned out perfect! You are very creative. Well done!!
What an adorable bunny you have.
Looking forward to see your garden.
Honestly, i love flowers but i am not good or creative enough in the garden. Wish i can afford someone to come and do something with our garden though.

Faby said...

I just love all your rabbits (whether stitched or fluffy in your garden!!!) They're SO cute!!! You've made such a pretty job of adding fabric to your needleroll... I love the contrast and the lovely border you stitched to link the pieces of linnen. Keep experimenting: you're so good at it!!! Take care XXX

C in DC said...

GREAT finish on the needle roll. That was a very clever solution.

Your garden bunny is so cute too!

Yuko said...

Olga, he is so adorble!!
I LOVE rabitts, I had kept some rabitts at home as pet when I was a child!!
And the one who I adored is just like him, colour, face, everythings just like him, so he reminds me my sweetie!
Anyway, your B is for Bunny is also lovely!
And also beautiful finish as always!

Janaina said...

Another piece of art! =) Well done! Have you added the extra fabric at one side only?
Zika is lovely!!!!!! I thought he was like a home pet or something. Just cute!

flom said...

It's a beautifull needleroll!
and bunny are adorable, all the bunny!

Susimac said...

Your needleroll is absolutely GORGEOUS, I love how you have added the extra fabric.

stitchhappy said...

Very beautifully done and quite creative! It looks as if it was designed to be that way all along!

Jessie said...

very beautiful needle-roll. I like the way u combined both different colour fabric. Beige with white and white stitches, all turn out so matching and lovely!

Nataliya said...

Ну конечно, мой любимый TshT! Обожаю! Ох, сколько же этих наборов у меня! А из этой серии я вышивала собачек :о). Очень понравилась идея с "дополнением" по низу. Надо будет поэксперементировать. Зайцы не сильно вредят саду :о)?

Sachiko said...

What a great idea!!!
I had this design but I can't stitch it yet.Needleroll is very beautiful and lovely bunny!!

Cenoura said...

I love u!!!!
Your work is AMAZING and specially with this one you gave me a great solution to solve a problem I have with my SAL "Il était une fois".
And keep doing this wonderful work you do!

Cenoura said...

So, it's like this: When counting, I've considered three parts of the pattern instead of four, so now I don't have enough fabric for the border. If I do like you have done in this needle roll (put a piece of another fabric as a border joined as you've done) I can solve the problem! I'm going to try this long weekend and I let you know, ok?

Olenka's Stitches said...

Oh, yes, senoura.It will be interesting to know how it works with your SAL project. Good luck!

Marie said...

i have this kit... and have not yet done it.. the finition in needleroll is pefect !

Nina said...

Super idea!!
And beautiful finishing :)