Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Freebie Design Exchange Received!

Today I got Freebie Design Exchange from Carol! It was a pleasant surprise, I did not expect anything to arrive so early, especially before I mailed my package for the partner. But everything happend on the same day.
Carol chose a very pretty design for me - Martina Weber "Martina's Roses", one of my favorites . The design is very beautiful by itself but Carol stitched it on Black Jobelan which helps the design stand out so nicely. To stitch on a black fabric is not so easy, even if you have OTT-LITE . I hope it was not too hard on your eyes Carol.
The gold beaded edge of the biscornu and the gold rose button are just perfect extras which greatly complement the design and make the biscornu a real beauty. I absolutely love it!

Carol also included a chart by The Stitching Parlor which I have not seen before but I will sure enjoy stitching it. In the package there were also some fabric, hand dyed floss, pearlized pins and body lotion.

Thank you Carol for everything, you spoiled me a lot.

Well, I promised to show some more pictures of my garden. But I did not feel well last week: a terrible sore throat and fever besides I think the garden did not look its best after hard rains which we had recently.
Here are some pictures to enjoy:

Would you care for some strawberries?

Happy stitching to everybody and take care!


mimimira said...

The biscornu from the exchange is just lovely!
And those strawberries...they look delicious1

Carol said...

You are so very welcome! No, it was not so terribly difficult, but slower going than if I had used another fabric ;-) Your garden looks lovely - way far ahead of mine, where I only have a few irises and my creeping phlox in bloom. I had primroses, but they are fading out now... and have one little yellow tulip still :-)

Susimac said...

Love the pictures of your garden. What a pretty exchange too from Carol

Sonda in OR said...

I found your blog through Carol's blog. What a lovely biscornu! And your garden is wonderful, too. I love what you did with the rabbit needleroll!!

Mylene said...

Hi, sorry to hear about the sore throat and fever, hope you feel much much better now.

WOW! What a beautiful biscornu from Carol!

And great flowers, yummmy strawberries.....!
Thanks for sharing the pictures.

Janaina said...

That doesnt surprises me at all... Its a Carol´s, for God sake! What else would anyone expect?! =D
Congrats on the gift, Olenka! And so sorry on the sore throat and fever...=(Glad to know you are feeling better.
The garden is looking so nice! Can almost smell it!
Missing ya, teatcher!

Barbeeque4 said...

The exchange is beautiful and Carol always does such a nice job!!! Your garden is beautiful!!! I am green with envy over all your lovely flowers!!!

Carla said...

wowª Carol did a fantatstic job with tht biscornu...it's stunning!!! Congrats to both :)

Shari said...

the flowers are beautiful! I don't know where you are, but they are WAY AHEAD of ours here!!! And the berries look wonderful!!! I work in a strawberry patch & oh yum!!!!