Wednesday, May 21, 2008

A New Finish

Before showing my new finish for you I'd like to thank those who left so nice comments about my rabbit needleroll. I see many stitchers liked the idea of adding an extra piece of the fabric . Yes, it works all right in case your pieces of the fabrics are more or less identical in count and structure. Some of you asked me to try to add two extra pieces, well I am planning to, just let me think a little.
A special welcome to those stitchers who visited my blog and left a comment for the first time.

Today I want to show you a new biscornu which I finished yesterday. It is "Lilly Of The Valley" biscornu free design by Fabby Reilly ( you can find the link to her blog in Links). I liked the design the moment I saw it: lillies of the valley have been my favorite flowers since my childhood.

My family moved very often when I went to school. One of my elementary schools was very small, there were only 10 students in my class and about 20 students in the whole school. Behind the school there was a large valley and my teacher often took us there and we read stories, draw pictures or played there. Here for the first time in my life I saw the villies of the valley. The valley looked silver white when the flowers were in full bloom, it was a gorgeous view! It is a shame these flowers do not grow here.
Ok, back to the topic. The biscornu is stitched on 28 ct. Evenweave with DMC floss. There are some specialty stitches in the design, if you like French knots - the design is just for you , there are about 200 of them there, not less!

I started stitching the biscornu with the hearts and when they were finished I noticed how pretty and elegant the design looked at this stage and decided to use this motif for the back of the biscornu.
The biscornu is finished with green beads in order to add some green color for the back and to keep the same color palette. To embellish the corners I made dangling loops, some kind of tassels. Faby called them "handles", lol. Anyway, handles they are or tassels - they are sparkling and look great on the biscornu!

And some more pins, heart and butterfly pins go well with the biscornu.

Thank you Faby for such a pretty design, it was pleasure to stitch it!

Thank you for dropping by ,
your comments are always highly appreciated.

Happy stitching to everybody!


Janaina said...

Do I really need to say? Do I? Ok... Here we go again: IT´S STUNNING!!!!! =D
I would not expect anything less than that from my teacher and (finger crossed) soon-to-be- neighbour!!! Lol.
Absolutely adorable! Love that tan shade of fabric!Really works with the white of the flowers and hearts.
Another perfect piece to be treasured, Olga!Congrats!=)

Nataliya said...

Хоть и по-русски, но напишу - впервые заставила прочитать себя весь пост! И почти всё поняла! Сама! Без переводчика! А ведь думала, что спустя 17 лет знаний не осталось!!! Оля, спасибо Вам! Может, начну хоть понимать язык, хоть и не говорить!
А теперь о бискорню. Поражена! Она такая необычная, так прекрасно смотрится и как всегда - так аккуратно! Здорово! Ну а количество "французов" на такой малышке просто потрясло! Ох, и до чего же я люблю в Ваш блог в гости ходить :о)!

C in DC said...

Gorgeous! I love the colors. The 200 French knots would *kill* me.

Lilies of the valley do grow in the northern climates of the U.S. My mom used to have some in her garden.

Faby said...

Simply gorgeous work - I love the way you adapt charts and bring out the best in a pattern. Well done!

Olenka's Stitches said...

Please all complements to the designer - Faby. She did amazing work. And I ... I only put crosses on the piece of cloth and sewed everything up.
Thank you Faby for sharing your designs with us.
I tried to grow lillies of the valley here but ... with no result. Yes, they need some frost and a little lower temperatures than here.

Cenoura said...

I have no words... It's absolutely wonderful, amazing, GREAT!!!

Sonnja said...

Kind regards,

Sonnja & Beertje Zonn
from the Netherlands.

Mylene said...

You are so creative to finish it beautifully!!! Well done.

Yuko said...

Hi Olga,
It's very beautiful Biscornu and a bit unique design!
I love how you finsihed with beads around the edge, it's stunning!

staci said...

Very beautiful stitching and finishing! I Love how the hearts stand out!

Carol said...

What a fantastic biscornu!

Marie said...

really nice !!!!! the designs, the green in each side... all is perfect !

Carla said...

beautiful biscornu...the green bead on the edges look great!

Susimac said...

Its wonderful, I love how yo have done the trim around the edges, its such a sweet design.

Heidi said...

How very pretty! I think I am going to have to stitch this one too. :)

stitchhappy said...

Gorgeous! Hats off to You the stitcher and Faby as the designer! You make a great team!

Sabine said...

You have a wonderful blog and you are stitching beautiful things!

All the work is pretty nice done ... and I surely will come back to your blog :-)

greetings from Austria