Friday, June 27, 2008

HOE LHN Exchange and EMS "Rose Sampler" Update

Early in the morning today I got messages from Simone, my HOE exchange partner, that she got my package with LHN exchange. I could not believe this! I sent her the package on Monday and prepared for a long long wait ... And what? On (my) Friday morning the package reached Simone's place. I think it's an International Post Service record!

From Simone's blog I've learned that she loves birds so I stitched LHN pattern called "Watermelon" with a nice big bird in it and made it into a pin keep. The pattern is stitched on 28 ctMushroom Evenweave with Crescent Colours floss . On the back of the pin keep I made a pocket for a pair of little scissors.
And the picture of other goodies: Simone's favorite DMC dark reds, some bird buttons and charms....
I hope Simone likes what I have made for her.
I wanted to thank those who commented on my "Rose Garden" Biscornu - all your comments are very inspiring and are highly appreciated. I have already sent the chart of my biscornu to everybody who wanted to have it and believe me - it took me some time to do this . lol
Still I managed to stitch a little and finished Part 6 of EMS "Rose Sampler". I am happy because it is already half done!

Thank you for stopping by, special thank you for those who leave comments.

Have a nice weekend and take care,


Tuesday, June 17, 2008

"My Rose Garden" Biscornu

I want to thank those stitchers who congratulated us on our wedding anniversary. Thank you very much my dear friends!
Today I want to show you the biscornu that I designed lately. I called it "My Rose Garden" Biscornu. When I showed it to Nataliya, one of my friends, she called it "romantic". I quite agree with her - the biscornu was created for a romantic event. Here are some pictures of the biscornu:

If you are interested in buying the design, send me an e-mail. My e-mail address is in my profile.

Happy stitching!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Our Wedding Anniversary

Well... today is our 4-Year Wedding Anniversary!

I made a little present for myself. It is one more Just Nan design, from her tiny designs called Spring Spell. I made it into a scissor fob as I needed a fob in blue colors for a new pair of scissors. I used a scrap of blue Evenweave and DMC floss for it.

On the back side of the fob I stitched my initial, I have never done this before but I did not know what else to stitch here keeping the style of the design.

I am pleased with how it turned out and maybe one day will try another tiny Just Nan design for a fob.

Happy weekend to everybody!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

"How Does Your Garden Grow?" Part 4

The beginning of June is rather productive for me, I stitched much and I can show you something today. There are some works which I finished stitching but I need a little more time to finish them completely.

I worked on Papillon Creations sampler "How Does Your Garden Grow?" Part 4. Here is how my garden grows:

I looked at the chart of Part 5, it's going to be a butterfly part: must be pretty! But for some reason I want to wait a little and have a look at Part 6 first and then stitch both parts.

Tonight I learned that Mylene got HOE Freebies Exchange package from me. So I can show what I stitched for her.

It was really hard to choose one design: there are so many lovely designs! But I wanted to find a design related to our hobby and something which you do not see in every other blog. After a long search I found the design for my partner.
One day Stitchhappy dropped by my blog and left a comment on one of my works. I visited her blog and spent a lot of time there. She is an amazing stitcher! Just go and see yourself! I loved her fobs and the way she finishes them - very pretty ( I even showed some of them to my husband) ! Hey, is anybody still here? lol And Stitchhappy is also a designer. I chose the design which she says is one of her favorite "Sorry... Gone Stitchin' " . My husband even remembered that in old times shop owners used to leave messages "Closed. Gone fishing" on the doors of their shops on the days when they did not have customers... OK, here is what I stitched for Mylene:

I made the piece into a door knob or it can be used as a decoration in the garden - we don't have much rains in here - it looks great on the shepherd's hook, doesn't it? I hope Mylene likes it as well as other goodies which I sent to her.
Some more pictures of the back and a close up.

Thank you for stopping by, special thank you for those who leave comments.
And I? Sorry.... Gone stitchin'.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Weekend Stitching

It was such a pleasure to be able to stitch again after the week of my sickness. So, I thought if I enjoy stitching so much it's better to work on my less favorite sampler. It was a good decision! I finished Part 5 of EMS "Rose Sampler" very fast this time.

I do not know why the camera changed the colors so much, the color of the cloth must be pure white. I was a bad photographer today. lol Anyway Part 5 is done!

I've wanted to test DMC Rayon floss for a long time. And for the test I chose Dames Of The Needle "Fleur De Lis And Acorn Scissor Case". When I first saw the design I liked the way it is embellished, an unusual combination of sequinis and beads. Besides it was interesting to try to finish the scissor case in such a way that not a single end of the trim was exposed. Those of you who made scissor cases of identical form understand that that is a challenge.

I hand braided the trim for the case and I think the task I set for myself was fulfilled. I was happy with how the case turned out and decided to make a pinkeep and a fob to match the scissor case. Here are some pictures of the set:

I did not like the pictures I took yesterday, in the morning I took some new ones and deleted the old pictures. In the comments I was asked if I liked to work with Rayon floss. Well, they are different, thicker than usual cotton floss, a little resemble thick Trebizond silk floss and sometimes they are ready to tangle very easily. But I am very patient and the result not the speed is more important for me. I will stitch with them another time.
Thank you for stopping by and leaving your comments.
Happy stitching to everybody and take care.