Saturday, January 31, 2009

St. Valentine Biscornu and more

Dear readers and visitors,
I want to thank you for your comments on my works and e-mails you sent to me. I read all the comments very attentively because your opinion is very important to me. And a great thank you for those who bought my designs, I am very pleased to know that you enjoy stitching my designs.
Today I will show you my new design and some pictures of one of my designs stitched by Sally.
Let's start with a new design first.
Lately I read some history and legends about the origin of St. Valentine's Day, so sweet and pretty stories. It is said that red and white colors are symbolic colors of St. Valentine's Day, red means passion and white - purity. After reading all these stories I got an idea to make a design for a biscornu called"Purity & Passion".
Here it is its front:
and its back:
And here are some wonderful pictures which Sally sent to me. She stitched two designs "Hearts and Snowflakes" Biscornu and Icicle ornament. In the picture you can see how pretty her stitching and finishing are! I was pleased to learn that she enjoyed stitching my designs and like the result. Sally, thank you for the pictures and your great job.
If you want to see more pictures of my designs and other Sally's fabulous pieces, will you visit
If you are interested in buying any of my designs, send me an e-mail. My address is in the Profile.
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For those who are still here I will show an ornament which I finished this month. I found it in the book "100 Cross-stitch Christmas Ornaments", the design is called "Gilded Noel". I like how it turned out and will probably make another one for myself : this ornament was already presented to one of our friends.
These days I have been busy organizing and decorating my stitching room. Here is the picture of a shelf with some of my collectible pincushions and dolls.
The doll in the blue dress is Lucinda by Madame Alexander. She already has "friends", Marsha and Lizan'ka, in Italy and she is sending "Hello" to them ;-)). The other doll, the clown, is of unknown origin, I know neither its name nor the name of the designer. :-( I am still "playing" with my dolls trying to find out their names and trying to bring them in order.
Lucinda and her umbrella:
(For those who are interested in making an umbrella,I do not think it is hard to do the umbrella for a doll, look at the picture.)* * * * * * *
I also want to thank Donna for an award she gave me, it's a great honor to get it from this wonderful woman.
Do you remember Donna is organizing an ornament auction to help cancer patients? You still have time to join her group and make a few ornaments for this noble deed. Thank you Donna for doing this for us.
Have a nice weekend and happy stitching to everyone!

Monday, January 19, 2009

"The Lace Of Love"...

Wow! I really have not been posting for a rather long time and made my friends worry. I am so sorry. But sometimes it takes so much time to publish a post - there is no connection with Blogger. Just now I tried to save a draft and got "Could not contact Saving and publishing may fail." And I did lose a couple of posts because of this reason. Does anybody else have the same problems?
I have been designing for St.Valentine's Day and today I can show a new design called "The Lace Of Love" . I made it into a little pillow:

If you are interested in buying any of my designs, send me an e-mail please. My e-mail address is in my Profile. Thank you.

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If you remember I have already shown the dragon "Stretch" by T.Wentzler which I stitched for my husband but I have not shown what I made it into yet. My husband wanted a box, you know, men also need trinket boxes to keep their treasures, like coins, stamps, etc. This pattern by Elizabeth's Designs I stitched about a year ago and could not decide what to finish it into. I made some substitutions and finished "Betsy's Butterfly" into a box which was presented to one of our friends.
In the comments on the previous post Nataliya supposed that my favorite finish is a biscornu.
I guess I've already answered the question by my post today. I like biscornus and I love designing them, there is a lot of Geometry in them. But I really love embellishing wood boxes.

I was designing and stitching biscornus to make a biscornu basket to decorate the dining room. Here is my basket:
I found some pictures of the boxes that I have not shown to you yet, I will include some of them into my next post. Today I want to finish the post by my first Daffodil and my favorite Pansies. Aren't they gorgeous?

* * * * * *
I want to thank scrap, quilt and stitch, Cindy F. and
Erna for awarding my blog. Thank you ladies!
Thank you for stopping by and leaving your comments.
Happy stitching !