Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Exciting News

I have an excuse for such a long absence from blogging. About a month ago my first granddaughter was born.  We had worried so much about DIL's condition and the baby, now when these worries vanished we can feel our hearts filling with special love to our Julia (Юлька).
I arrived in Russia on the day when DIL and the baby were released from hospital and I can already tell you that I've fulfilled the main task of grandparents - the baby is completely spoiled! with our love.                                                                  

As far as cross stitch is concerned, I should say that I could not stitch during those months of worries, I only pushed myself into doing this but without much success. I turned to other crafts and started renovations of my stitching room which better kept my mind busy.
Worrying is not the best friend of creativity, I managed to finish only one of my desings. Now the Snowman from"Let It Snow!" has got a girl friend:
Olenka's Stitches Designs "Let It Snow! -2"
I wanted to finish my "Rose Sampler" which I started almost two years ago but I coudn't. I stitched a little more than it is in the picture, a couple more hours of stitching  and it will be finished.
 I started renovations of my stitching room but did not finish the job either. I gave a second life to some old furniture which my husband wanted to get rid of. He was very kind to help me sand it, then I painted, aged and sealed it.
This chest of draws will serve as a great storage for my craft supplies.
The bookshelf's got some changes and will be used for exhibiting my "smalls", collectibles, and books on crafts.
For the computer table I refinished this box:
I also made two pincushions, one is that round one in a wood frame. It turned out rather pretty and I thought of making something simple so I could stick in pins and needles without any fear. Somehow this "simple" pincushion turned into this charming Rat Lariska (крыска Лариска), now she will be guarding my cross stitch treasures in this box.
 I was packing for my trip in a great hurry, my cross stitch program was installed in the new laptop with an error and I do not think I can use it here. I only had time to put a few kits into my suitcase. I started one of them here. This is about one month job:

The kit contained Aida 14, I replaced it for Evenweave 25ct. and I stitch the pattern one over one using full crosses.

My DIL is rather good at some crafts. Since my first day here we began to make some blankets and shirts for the baby. Then we switched to knitting baby booties, hats, jackets, skarves, etc. Baby's little things are so pretty and we enjoy making them for our little girl. The picture on the top of the post and this one show the booties we made. I will post some more pictures next time.

I want to thank all my readers for your patience.Thank you for coming to my blog and a special "thank you " for those who finds time to leave comments, I always appreciate this.
Take care and happy stitching to everyone.