Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Redwork Biscornu and more

The weather stays very nice here and I enjoy seeing the flowers blooming in my garden. Every morning I take a cup of tea and go to the swing to enjoy watching the birds and listening to their beautiful songs. Everything is so pretty now... And cross stitch ? - you ask. Well, I stitch but not as much as I would like to.
Today I will show you two new designs, I  finished working on them about a week ago but could not find time to post about them.
I got the idea for the Redwork Biscornu in Russia when my friend Natasha and I were in a fabric store. There I saw pretty buttons and thought I must create a design with these buttons. Here is Redwork Biscornu, pretty in red and white:

I will probably keep my Redwork Biscornu with the collection of my red plates, they look great together.
I also made some counting pins and a scissor fob to match Redwork Biscornu:

Another design is called Cheerful Daisies . I wanted to make something for one of my friends to cheer her up a little. She once told me that yellow daisies looked so cheerful... Well, I made Cheerful Daisies Scissor and Floss Fob for her:
If you are interested in buying my designs, beaded fobs or pins, please e-mail me. My address is in my Profile.
After the previous post I was asked to share a secret of  sewing up my scissor fobs. I am afraid there is no secret, it's just practice: I have been sewing since I was about 5 years old.  If I saw your fob or pillow, I would probably understand better what your problem is. I can give you some tips:
1.  your seams must be straight, 2. clip corners before turning the pillow inside out,
3. do not be in a hurry and enjoy what you are doing. :-)
In the picture above I show a side and a corner of the fob. I first Back stitched and then Whip stitched  it using one strand of DMC floss.
* * * * * * * *
My Gracious Era has grown a little more:
This is a pretty piece and I enjoy stitching it.
I am a little late for TUSAL report but I want to show my box anyway. I have a good progress on the SAL thanks to making tassels for the biscornu. 
I do not know which birds had used my floss spinets but yesterday I found a nest of Cardinals in my Holy bush which I wanted to trim a little. I saw three tiny chicks inside  the nest and thought I'd better work on the bush later. Today I noticed Father-bird and Mother - bird come to feed the babies. I was especially happy to see that father-bird also participates in raising the "kids". :-)
* * * * * * * *
I want to thank Holly  for passing me two Blog awards. It's a great honor to get them from such a good stitcher. If you have not visited her blog yet, go and have a look at her amazing works
Last week my husband and I twice visited Norton Art Gallery Park. Just a few days ago we found out that we have a rather pretty park not too far from us. At first we dropped at the park to see if it was worth visiting and in a day we came there again armed with two cameras and spent about 4 hours there. On the way back we also " ran" through the gallery just to have an idea of its exhibits, we will sure visit it again later.
I will leave you with the pictures we took in the park, enjoy them.

I treasure your comments, thank you for stopping by.
Happy stitching to everyone!