Sunday, November 23, 2008

My "NOEL"Ornaments

I want to thank everyone who commented on my last work. I was afraid it would be boring to see the second almost identical work - I was wrong. :-) There were many new names among those who left comments, I tried to visit their blogs and found so many interesting blogs and which is more important - so many talented stitchers.

Today I want to show you my new designs which I called "NOEL" Ornaments. There are 4 ornaments of different shape in the collection. I "aged" a little the fabric and stichted the ornaments with only two or three colors of DMC floss. Some parts in the designs are highlighted with DMC Jewel Effects. Here is the picture of the whole collection: A "big" ornament:

A biscornu: :-) A star ornament:
And another ornament, I called it 'an icicle':

I enjoyed working on this collection and I think (rather hope ) they look nice, very soon they will be presented to our family members and friends.

If you are interested in buying any of my designs, please send me an e-mail. My e-mail address is in my profile.
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A few days ago I got an e-mail from Claire - Gazette 94. Claire sent me some pictures of the "Autumn Colors" Scissor Fob which she stitched using my design. It's a great pleasure to see 'my baby" finished by a wonderfiul stitcher and a talented designer. Claire, thank you for your pretty work!

To see more picture of the fob - go to Claire's blog ! There you can also find lots of lovely designs by Claire.
Happy stitching to everyone!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

"Crystalline Grapes"

Today I want to show to you another little finish. It is a The Sweetheart Tree design called "Crystalline Grapes". The pattern has much similarity with "Tranquil Moments" which I stitched and showed to you a little earlier. When I was buying these two patterns I already had an idea of their finishing and bought identical frames and mats for them.
I made a little modification in the second pattern: substituted one variegated floss to a white one in order to emphasize similarity of the two patterns and to get rid of a motley color effect. Here are some pictures of my "Crystalline Grapes":

I used the central part of the pattern and made another star ornament (front).

Fot the back of the ornament I stitched the same design, only instead of beads I stitched a grape cluster from the border. This design has a lot of over one stitching which I liked a lot.
And here are the pictures of what I made using two The Sweetheart Tree designs.
You probably want to know if I am satisfied with the result. Yes, very much! But it was a little irritating stitching the designs. If you remember after the first design I told you that the picture on the cover page is of very poor quality, you can barely see the design there. I can understand that this is kind of protection from piracy. OK, but why is the print of the designs so poor? There are so many places in the designs where you can't tell if it is a grid line or back stitch! Is this also kind of protection? from customers?
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I also wanted to thank Adriana r. , Donna, Yana (Яна) for passing me Blogger awards. Dear ladies, thank you very much for your appreciation of my work.
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And I 'd like to ask everyone to visit this Donna's blog where she has organized ornament stitching for an auction, November 2009, to raise money to help cancer patients. On Donna's blog you will find all necessary detail. I do hope every stitcher can find some time and make a couple of ornaments ( or more!) and this way help other people in their fight against this terrible disease.
Happy Stitching to everyone!