Tuesday, June 23, 2009

"Strawberries, Queens Of Berries" Collection

I love all kinds of berries but strawberries have always been my favorites, they are like queens of berries for me. Today I will show you my new collection which is called "Strawberries, Queens Of Berries".I finished my "Strawberries" into a pinkeep and a framed picture:
After taking pictures the pinkeep was put into an envelope and now it is on its way to a new home. The framed picture is in my stitching room.
I plan to continue working on this collection and try to make "Strawberries" designs in different styles and I will make a biscornu and also try some new (for me) finishes. Some of the designs are already done, I only have to stitch them.
If you are interested in buying my designs, please, contact me.
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Now have a look at what I made for my husband for Father's Day. Not long ago my dear friend Mylene sent me Cross Stitcher # 212. When I was first browsing it I knew that one design was a must for me.
It is "Lighthouse" by Joan Elliott.
I enlarged it a little and added a boat and some-gulls. Now the picture sits on my husband's desk and reminds him that it is high time for us to go to the sea.
Now on so many blogs we can see WIPs of Mary Wigham Sampler, you can find more detail here - Needleprint. I have wanted to stitch a Quaker sampler for a long time and seing how pretty Mary's sampler is, I could not resist the temptation and started working on it last Sunday.

As you can see I am very much behind the main group, besides I do not have much free time. I decided to steadily stitch on the sampler when I find some time and at my own pace. I am stitching the sampler 1 x 1 on 26 count of unknown fabric ( got it in a grab bag) , the sampler is going to be less than 12" x 12". I reduced the number of floss colors and on my WIP it is seen that I started some motives just to see how well the colors go together. After I took the picture I frogged the stitching in white.
I 've got an award! Claudia from casa cuori colori (if you have not visited her blog yet, you must do it, Claudia and her friends are so creative!) is passing "From Russia with Love" award to me:
Thank you very much Claudia, it's a great honor to get this award from you. I am passing this link of friendship in no particular order to:
Hohla Bliss Dany Yoyo Lia. My heartest congratulations ladies!
I also want to thank you Mylene for this sweet card which we received just on the day of our wedding anniversary. It was such a pleasant surprise, Mylene, thank you!
Well, on a quite different note...
To celebrate our anniversary I was going to make a giveaway, another gift design. But when I was working on, I found out that my design which I dedicated to my Mother's 80-th birthday, a gift design for a limited time, was abused. Now I am too too much upset to think about giveaways... I will, probably, never want to make another "free" design.
Some pictures from the garden:

This is our Master Gardener, Friendic (Подружка - ru).

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Happy stitching!

Saturday, June 6, 2009

My Wedding Sampler

I was not going to stitch a wedding sampler but after we made some renovations in our bedroom we thought that we needed a picture for above the chest of drawers. And the picture must be neither too big nor too small, it can be square or sideways rectangular and ... . So I looked through all my stash and found Bucilla wedding sampler, I do not even remember how it made its way into my stash! But it was not a bad find! I substitued some colors of floss and beads, charted new words for its center. After the personification I like the sampler, my husband likes it too. Now he is glueing the frame for the sampler: we could not find the frame we liked and we decided we would make one ourselves.

I have some more finishes to show today.
So many bloggers stitched "Petites Lettres Rouges" sampler which Alma Allen, Blackbird Designs, offered free on her site. I especially liked the idea of dedicating the work to loved ones. I dedicated the sampler to my mother, made it into a sewing organizer and there I will be keeping some of the tools that my mother gave me. I stitched the sampler one over one and it is rather small but I turned it into a big piece - an organizer with many folds, pockets and other hiding places for notions, floss and charts. I hope it is convenient for trips, it can fit all necessary things for a few small project. I stitched a couple of hearts, it's clear what they symbolize and I stitched a bird - not very much sure what birds mean in samplers, probably, happiness or something else good, right? Anyway, my mother likes birds. And here is the organizer:
One more finish is "Rose", freeby by Niky from Niky's creations. This sweet design is also stitched one over one and I made it into a much smaller organizer ( for shorter trips ;-)) ).
Here I put my initials in the upper coner in front and stitched the funny bird on the back.
Here is the organizer inside and also beaded fobs made for the scissors for both organizers: I finished one more ornament for "Stitching for a Cure" project. It's Breast Cancer Awareness free design by Romy in Austria, Traditions with a Future.
Lia from Brazil and Mylene from the Netherlands stitched my design "A Russian Motif, Spring" and send me pictures of their lovely works. Lia made her ever first pinkeep and Mylene stitched 3 !!!biscornus:

Thank you dear friends for your wonderful work, I am pleased and honored to see my designs stitched by you. Huge hugs to both of you.
And at last some pictures from our garden (for those who are still here):

Does it look like a duck?
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Have a great Sunday and happy stitching!