Tuesday, August 26, 2008

"My Rose Garden" Sewing Set

Today I want to show you the things which I have been working on and introduce a new blogger.

But before doing this I want to thank all of you have left nice comments on my previous post. Some people were wondering if my new pet tame or not. No, the buck is not tame and he came not alone but with a herd of 5 other deer, they all are young and "stupid". A lot of activities are going on around here and poor animals are displaced and looking for another quiet place to live in. We have not seen them since their last visit and now worry about them : hunting season is very soon... And I want to say to other people who have deer close to their houses - do not try to pet them, we were crazy, I will never try to pet any wild animal again, you never know what is going on in their little brain.
* * * * *
Ok, now presentation of "My Rose Garden" Sewing Set. In the e-mails and comments I was also asked who is the designer of "My Rose Garden" Box . It's me, Olenka's Stitches.
I am planning to make several series of designs, the first is "Romantic" with "My Rose Garden" Sewing Set in it.
Today I am going to show "My Rose Garden" Basket and Pinkeep. I worked a little more on the box design which you saw in the previous post to adapt it better for the basket lid. Here are some pictures of the basket I made:

As you can see the lid of the basket is reversible and the other side of the lid can be used as a pin cushion. The basket can hold a pair of scissors, thimble, threader, needle case, etc. or any other little sewing treasures.

Here is the pinkeep and its detail:

And here is the whole sewing set. Soon I will add a couple of items more to it , but first I need to finish a birthday present( to whom is a secret).

If you are interested in buying my designs, send me an e-mail please. My e-mail address is in my profile.

* * * * *
Now I'd like to introduce you to a new blogger, Olga, my namesake from the United Kingdom. She is new to blogging but not to cross stitching. Do you remember my post "Another "My Rose Garden" Biscornu"? That is she who stitched that biscornu! Please, go visit her blog, I am sure you will enjoy seeing her fabulous cross stitched pieces and some rare collections.

* * * * *
I also want to thank Cenoura who tagged me and according to the rules of this new game I am to name:

* my strongest trait of character - determination

* my weakest trait of character - my fears of bugs, frogs, lizards, snakes.

Happy stitching and take care!

Saturday, August 16, 2008

A New Pet and A Little Finish

Wow, I have not been blogging for such a long time! Well, I can't say that I have not been stitching all this time. But what I was stitching was either presents for my friends or something for exchanges and you know I can't show these pieces before they reach their new homes. Other than that I have been working on my own designs and need just a little more time to finish them all. But I think today I can show you one of them.
I used my own design to make a little birthday present for one of my new cross stitch friends. From the pictures you can easily see that I decided to continue the "Romantic" line started by "My Rose Garden" biscornu which so many people simply call "Romantic".
Ok, here is "My Rose Garden" Box:

I have never made cards before (but did my best ) and here is what I made:

If you are interested in buying any of my designs, send me an e-mail please.

My e-mail address is in my Profile.

* * * * * *

And here is our new pet... if you can call it a pet. It is already the second day in row a little herd of deer visit the back of our back yard. One buck is rather fearless, or I do not know what, he jumps over the fence and let us pet him and feed him - he loves our tomatoes so much! So now there is no time for stitching at all. We keep looking out the windows all the time, then go to meet our visitor, take pictures and movies of him. It is a lifetime experience! Can you imagine to pet a wild deer! He has so pretty eyes and his antlers are so velvet soft and warm, and his "shoes" are always shiny black... I try to add a short deer video so you can have a look at him.

Thank you for stopping by, special thank you for those who leave comments, you know how encouraging they are.
Happy stitching to everybody!