Saturday, April 27, 2013

Sad News

... Four months  have already passed since my dearest Mother died. Her death left a huge hole in my heart which is badly bleeding and aching. There are no proper words to fully express my grief, and I feel that time does not heal anything at all ...
My Mother, sweet, caring, understanding, was talented in so many ways. What I can do now and what I am  - I mainly owe to my Mother.  I do not remember a moment when her hands were idle. She used to watch TV and either sew or knit or crochet. Now she is in so many things around me that I can still feel the warmth of her hands.
Mother was an amazing gardener, it seemed she could make a stick bloom, and she passed her love to flowers to me. This spring my garden is doing so well that it looks like it pays tribute to the memory of my Mother.
This post I'd like to devote to my Mother and to show some of her works and her favorite flowers to my friends and readers of my blog.

I love you, Mother, and I am missing you so very much.....