Sunday, May 10, 2009

"Wisteria" designs and more...

The last two weeks were rather hectic here , besides our Internet did not work properly - now I am behind in reading the blogs. I want to thank those who left wonderful comments on my last post, I will visit your blogs in the next couple of days.
On the stitching front - there was not much time for stitching but I have something to show to you today.
First, I worked on "Wisteria" designs more and made two "Wisteria" Scissor Fobs:

I am pleased with how the fobs turned out and it seems the biscornu looks much happier now.

I participate in Christmas Challenge and decided to make my own design for this month. Here is "Christmas Lantern" Ornament :

If you are interested in buying my designs, please send an e-mail to me. My address is in my Profile


I have not shown my progress on EMS "Rose Sampler" for a long time. I did not forget about it and keep on stitching on it from time to time.

I have not shown pictures of my dolls for a long time either. I played with two more dolls lately. Unfortunately, I do not know their designers and the names of the dolls are given by me. This one is Annabell, she got a new hair-do and new flowers for the hat and dress.

This is Monique, I also worked on her hair-do a little, still too much hair to my taste, lol

Annabell and Monique are sending "Hello" to their Italian friends from this blog .

I was asked not to post new pitures of bugs and to show more flowers. Fine with me as I do not like bugs so much either. I prepared some pictures for you, they can be called "Tears Of Spring" or "A Garden In Red And White" :-)) .

Happy Mother's Day!!!!

Thank you for stopping by. Happy stitching to everyone!