Thursday, July 30, 2009

"Strawberries" Biscornu and more...

I promised to make "Strawberries " Biscornu design a little while ago and I also intended to try different styles in my "Strawberries" Collection.
Today I am ready to show two designs, they again look like a little set:"Strawberries" Biscornu:And "Strawberries" Scissor Fob. I thought it is a good idea to make the fob in the form of a strawberry:Some more items in this style will follow later.
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One more finish, this is "Flowers Of Olde" by "With My Needle". I stitched it last summer and remember I enjoyed working on it very much. The design has some specialty stitches and over one stitching. Now I finished it into a pinkeep - I needed a birthday gift for someone :-).

Now on a different note...
My mother is not feeling well and is missing me badly so this coming Monday I am flying to Russia. I do not know yet how long I am going to stay there, it can be two months or more...
I am taking a laptop with me, though I do not like laptops, but it will help me to stay connected with all of you and I can continue working with my customers and visiting your Blogs.
Thank you for stopping by. Your comments are always appreciated.
Stay well and happy stitching to everyone.
Some pictures of the flowers for you and I am back to packing.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Strawberries, Queens Of Berries Huck Towel

I made "Strawberries" design for Huck towels produced by Charles Craft. The idea to stitches strawberries on this kind of towels belongs to Yoyo, she loves to stitch towels for herself and as Christmas presents for her loved ones.
I quite agree with her and Carla that a stitched towel or a jar cover or something else useful can be a great gift.I've already made some more designs for towels with another topic ( guess what?) because I really like how my kitchen and dining room look now with just a few stitchy things from my "Strawberries" Kitchen Set.
Back to the towel, here is a picture of it hanging on the stove:
I finished the towel with some checkered fabric and lace to make it look part of the Kitchen Set (2 towels, a bread cover, a jar cover):
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I stitched some more on MW sampler, I enjoy working on this sampler so much!
I try not to think about the mistakes in the pattern, I more think how the young girl managed to make up this big sampler without a computer or any cross stitch software - it's just amazing!
I joined one more SAL, this new SAL does not have any dead lines - it is stress free. The head girl is very hospitable and the SAL group is so pleasant. Well, I am speaking of TUSAL . Once a little glass box appeared on my stitching table and I thought that then I had to join that fun SAL and put my first floss snippets into the box. Here is what I created during the past month:
After the heat which we had this summer there are not many blooming flowers in the garden. I will show you only one flower picture, I love its color.
Today I saw a very big turtle in the garden, it was hot and the turtle was breathing so heavily. I gave her some cucumber and water and she drank some water! I've never seen them drinking before. I went home to take a camera and when I came back - there was no turtle anywhere! And we always think that turtles are very slow - mine was not!
And still I have some more pictures from the garden, look who visited us tonight:She was not alone, there was a baby raccoon with her! Look how shy it is!
Thank you for stopping by! Your comments are always appreciated!
Happy stitching to everyone!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

"Strawberries, Queens Of Berries" Breadcover and More

Today I'd like to show you some more "Strawberries, Queens Of Berries" designs.
I promissed to show some new finishes for me. They are not new for you, many of you like to stitch these things and some of you are stitching them now.
I made a"Strawberries, Queens Of Berries" Kitchen Set which includes a jar cover, towel and breadcover.
For a long time I've wanted to make a jam jar cover. I remember my grandmother's jars looked so lovely with the white caps on them. My jar cover is a little more complicated than my grandmother's but I used almost the same kind of cord to wrap around the jar neck. :-)

Last year I bought several grab bags and in one of them there was a Charles Craft towel. I can't say that I was happy to see the towel in the grab bag and was thinking how to get rid of it.
The towel a year later:

Well, I love it now!
You can go to Yoyo blog and see her towel with my design. For stitching the tendrils she used Whipped Backstitch which made the tendrils look so real!
And one more piece in "Strawberries" Kitchen Set - a Breadcover. I made designs for two opposite corners:

It took a little longer to stitch and finish the towel and the breadcover because they must have a neat back and must able to withstand multiple washing.
The back is not perfect but very close to it. If you want to see a perfect back, you must go to blogs of Brazilian girls, they are so good at stitching towels!
Now I am working on "Strawberries" design for Charles Craft Huck Towels - the idea of which belongs to Yoyo. "Strawberries" Biscornu will go next.
If you are interested in buying any of my designs, please contact me.
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I stitched a little more on Mary Wigham's sampler. It is my car project and the sampler goes with me wherever we go. Everything I need for stitching is in this basket. In the picture you can also see my palette for the sampler.
I wanted very much to keep White in my Palette, I like White on White but it did not show up on my fabric. I frogged the white motif and restitched it in Antique Mauve, now I am quite happy with the substitution.Some pictures of Lilies, they are blooming in my garden now.
I want to thank everyone who left comments on the previous post.
Special, huge thank you to my friends for their support and understanding. Hugs,
Olenka's Stitches