Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Cheerful Daisies Collection

 Today I am going to break a bloggers' tradition and to tell you about the gifts of my giveaway before one package is received. I have waited long enough but it seems the post office is not in a great hurry to deliver the package. I do hope the package will be received tomorrow or the next day... I do not even want to imagine that it can be lost, I can deal with this later, am I right?
I will tell you about the stitched gifts without saying to which of my winners the gift was sent to. Does it make any sense? I hope it does. Here is the picture of Cheerful Daisies Collection:
 Well, there must be one more piece in the picture because the collection actually started from this:

 But you might remember in spring I sent this Scissor and Floss Fob to my friend Yoyo who once called yellow daisies "cheerful" ( I know this is also a phrase from a movie). When I was working on the gift, I thought this could be a good name for a collection. Later I asked you about the color of your cheerful daisies. You named blue and pink and red but nobody mentioned my favorite color of the daisies. Maybe that is why I  gave away all the stitched models - they are not in my favorite daisies color.
In the pictures you can see that the design changed  from piece to piece, so did the colors of the daisies and the fabric on which I stitched them. But one thing remained unchanged : all the pieces are stitched one over one.
Besides the Scissor and Floss Fob the collection has  Box Top:

Needle Book:

  And Altoids Tin Top:
 When I was stitching these pieces I saw some pretty fabric in the store and made these pincushions for my giveaway winners . I just love these sewing notions!
 I also send RAK to one of my friends. I know she stitched "My Rose Garden" Biscornu. This was my first cross stitch design which I created on June 16 two years ago. So I have been designing for two years! To commemorate this date and to make something for my friend I added one more design to My Rose Garden Collection, A Token Of Friendship:

 It can also be finished into a bookmark or a floss tag. I turned a pencil box into a sewing notions box:
 If you are interested in buying my designs, please contact me. My e-mail is in my Profile.
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I also made some progress on my  WIPs.
One of them is The Windmill. I've got a few questions on it. The original design 'Windmill And Poppies' by Durene Jones was published in The World Of Cross Stitching # 141. How am I going to get rid of poppies? Well, have a look, I've almost finished this part.
My other WIP is Gracious Era which I stitch for Christmas SAL which is run by Yoyo.
Before showing the picture of the progress I want to tell the participants of this SAL that I have some news about Yoyo. She is ill at the moment and she is recovering from a disease. I hope she will be back with us soon. Let us continue stitching the projects, she will be happy to see our progress. 
 And, of course, the picture of my TU SAL:
Some of my friends asked me to show where and how I keep the floss. In the previous post I wrote that I am making some renovation in my stitching room because I got tired of some of the things. Lately I was making floss organizers for projects. I bought one from an Internet store before but I do not quite like it, it takes time to put the floss through the holes. I made a more convenient (for me!) floss organizer :
It can be placed either on the floor at the chair or on the table. I was thinking if to attach a pincushion on it or not and then decided to make another more complicated organizer.
I started with a pincushion, embroidered it
 and then added some places to keep a thimble, scissors, laying tools, pins and there is even some place left for a frog - let it rest here and I will be keeping an eye on it ;-)) .
 I love how this organizer turned out, it looks like a portable work station.
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 I 'd like to thank Smily for an award and traditionally to pass it to all my readers. Come visit Smily's blog, you'll find a lot of interesting things there.
Thank you very much for your visits and your comments, they are all treasured by me.
Happy stitching to everyone!